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W. James Antle III, editor, comes to TAC after managing a stable of reporters as Politics Editor at the Washington Examiner. A former senior writer at TAC, Antle also previously served as managing editor of the Daily Caller, editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation, and associate editor of the American Spectator. He is the author of Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped? Antle has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and NPR, among other outlets, and has written for a wide variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Politico, the Week, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Daily Beast, the Guardian, Reason, the Spectator of London, The National Interest and National Review Online. He also serves as a senior adviser to Defense Priorities.

When The ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Is A Black Man

An African American stopped a shooting only to be killed by police. This is the next big test for gun rights activists.

Who Is More ‘Pro-Trump’—Jeff Sessions or Lindsey Graham?

When loyalty to a man trumps support for a platform.

A Good Night for Senate Republicans, A Bad Night for Trumpism

The president’s instincts prevailed, but what has he done for the rest of his party?

Trading #MeToo for Partisan Hit Jobs

What began with Ronan Farrow’s careful reporting has devolved into a deranged circus over Brett Kavanaugh.

When John McCain Was Right

He was more skeptical about military force early in his career. Then came Iraq.

Mark Sanford: What Might Have Been

If only liberty Republicans rather than neocons were the face of ‘Never Trump.’

Paul Ryan: The Pupil Who Outshone the Teacher

He became far more powerful than Jack Kemp ever was—just not enough to stop Trump’s populist revolution.

Democrats: Doomed to Repeat the 2016 Election

A progressive upset in Texas recalls Hillary and Bernie all over again.

Roy Moore: Candidate for a Fraught Religious Right

If he wins tonight, it could bolster conservative judges. It could also undermine the argument for religious liberty. (UPDATED)

Bloody Virginia Governor’s Race On Razor Thin Margin (UPDATED)

It almost looks like a replay of Trump vs. Clinton—will results be different?

Both Sides Are Losing the NFL Culture War

Twisting patriotism to score political points will lead to disaster.

Yes, Republicans and Trump Do ‘Own This’

Trump doesn’t want to signal he’s rooting for a worse healthcare crisis.

Sanctuary Cities of Defiance

Another front in the post-election ‘resistance.’

What Ossoff’s Loss Means for Democrats in 2018

Anti-Trumpism isn’t enough.

Gianforte Body Slammed A Reporter. He Won Anyways.

Trump has amped up right-wing media-bashing, but conservative hostility towards media bias is nothing new.

A Candidate for Those Who Thought Everything Was Fine

Evan McMullin’s supporters were generally happy with George W. Bush.

Will Ben Sasse Challenge Trump?

Establishment figures pin their hopes on a first-term senator.

Can Rand Paul Still Win the Future?

The once promising candidate can’t seem to attract both libertarian money and tea party votes.

Davos Woman

Hillary Clinton is a gift to the global elite.

Can Congress Blow Up the Iran Deal?

Why Bill Kristol and AIPAC are split on the latest iteration of Corker-Cardin and congressional review.

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