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The Man Who Was Supposed to Be President

The media created Gary Hart, and when he offered them a scandal, they tore him right back down.

The Sad Death of “All Politics is Local”

How did our federalist system give way to today’s nationalized cable news-fueled smackdowns?

In Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore Turns Hose on Media and Mushy Middle

And still manages to trigger both the left and right extremes.

Meltdown 2008: A Grim Anniversary for the Middle Class

The destruction wrought by our political and financial elites could take another 10 years to undo.

The Village Voice Goes Silent, Finally

The storied alt-weekly was home to the great iconoclastic writers of New York journalism. But times changed.

What The West Wing Cult Revival Says About 2018 Politics

The 1990s political drama was a sanctimonious ‘Fantasy Island’ made by boomers. So why are Millennials binging on it now?

SNL’s Spirit of ‘76

A new book reminds us of one of America’s most underrated elections—and of when funny shows were fun.

Good Riddance, Jerry Springer

TV’s king of trash finally signs off, leaving us more like him than we’d care to admit.

Remembering the Iconic TV Dad

From Mike Brady to Archie Bunker, small-screen fathers offered us hope and satire while defying categorization.

Roseanne’s Profound Ingratitude

She had a chance and she blew it. Her deep unprofessionalism is to blame.

The Anti-Respectability Politics of Philip Roth

The iconic postwar novelist shocked a generation by aggressively daring people to confront and even reclaim Jewish-American stereotypes.

Ford Says Farewell

Why America’s most iconic automaker plans to drive their passenger sedans into the sunset.

An American Murder Story

The capture of the “Golden State Killer” brings back a violent era that still defines our fears today.

Our Lazy, Decadent, Clickbait-Addled Media Industry

The real scandal isn’t Kevin Williamson’s firing, it’s the market that made him.

Roseanne Really is Deplorable

Ignored by TV culture for over 20 years, the return of the repressed was inevitable in Trump era.

Giving Up the Ghost of Objective Journalism

‘Fair and balanced’ was a mid-20th century marketing tool and really, a confabulation of the times.

The Millennial Magic of Greta Gerwig and ‘Lady Bird’

Her entry in this year’s hotly contested Oscar race is helping to define and symbolize a generation.

Monica’s Lingering Legacy

The scandal that gave us today’s obsession with sex and power turns 20.

Feminists Loved How Clinton ‘Sexualized’ the White House

A Democrat blind spot coming into focus amid today’s sex scandals.

Happy Birthday, Hillary

Now go away — says the young, hard Left.

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