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Scott McConnell is a founding editor of TAC

Why Not a Merit-Based Immigration System?

Reihan Salam’s latest book makes the case for an overhaul along Trumpian lines.

TAC at 15: Still Fighting After All These Years

One of our founders on how GOP-led regime change across Middle East birthed this influential conservative ‘countercultural’ magazine.

The Enoch Powell Question

As America divides and controversy over mass immigration mounts, did his “Rivers of Blood” speech get it right?

What Trump Got Right About Charlottesville

Was the apoplectic media watching the same press conference?

The Sly Effort to Criminalize the BDS Movement in the U.S.

Boycott support would dry up if Israel embraced a two-state solution

France After Le Pen’s Thumping

France does need a successful patriotic right in order to survive, and the forces to create one do exist.

Le Pen Lands Blows in Final Debate, but No Knockout

Macron seems genuinely to not have a nationalist bone in his body.

Marine Le Pen Tries to Shake Off the Burden of Her Father

The circumstance that gave her a media platform and an instant political base is now a weight around her ankles.

Macron Haunted by the ‘Ni, Ni’

Will pro-communist voters rush out and give a large landslide to a former Rothschild investment banker?

Le Pen Wins Day Two, and Day Three As Well

If you just came in from a foreign country and looked at the news, you might think she could beat Macron.

Gladhanding Investment Bankers Not the Best Look for Macron

He is a genuine man of mystery.

Le Pen Will Get Her Chance

The first poll shows Macron beating Le Pen 62–38. I’m pretty sure she’ll do better than that.

Causeur Editor Gil Mihaely Sits Down with TAC

The French magazine believes in sovereign states with borders.

The Battle for France

The new intellectualism of cultural anxiety

Le Pen Doubles Down at Crunch Time

Her ideal France wants simply to be able to be itself.

Emmanuel Macron, Blairite for the Current Season

He is an appealing candidate in many ways and would be more so under different circumstances.

Did Le Pen Trip or Boost Herself With Her Holocaust Reference?

Her position was one long maintained by both de Gaulle and Mitterrand.

The Muslim ‘Issue’ in the French Campaign

It’s always present but little discussed.

France: Veering Left? Right?

Who knows.

Fifteen Years of TAC

The magazine could never have survived without support from readers.

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