John A. Burtka IV

Executive Director

John A. Burtka IV, executive director, graduated from Hillsdale College and the Faculté Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence, France. He was a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2018. He has appeared on Fox Business and written for The Washington PostRichmond Times-DispatchFirst ThingsThe American Mind, and The Intercollegiate Review, among others. Previously, he worked for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and participated in academic fellowships at Washington College and The Trinity Forum.

author archive

An American University

Hillsdale College is playing the long game.
John A. Burtka IV October 26, 2019

In Defense of Economic Nationalism

A libertarian approach to trade embodies a specific industrial strategy and it’s the wrong one for America.
John A. Burtka IV May 1, 2019

We Let George Washington Down Every Day

American Civil Religion has embraced exceptionalism at the risk of prudence, giving us the endless wars we have today.
John A. Burtka IV January 22, 2018

Want to Unify America? Try College Football

The power of the pigskin and the glue that binds.
John A. Burtka IV September 12, 2017

Face It: Trump Is the Man in America’s Mirror

History shows we've always loved big praise, big flattery, and big money.
John A. Burtka IV August 24, 2017

Standing Athwart American Hegemony

Pursuing global primacy isn't a conservative foreign policy.
John A. Burtka IV May 21, 2017