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The Ethnic Tensions Haunting Africa’s Newest Powerhouse

Ethiopia is a success story. But hatred of its native Tigrayans is causing some to think nervously of Rwanda.

The Double-Edged Sword of Polarized Journalism

As Northam-gate showed, when reporters are driven by Twitter-fueled partisanship, the results can be good and bad.

How a Foreign Reporter Got Jaded Over the United Nations

And other relief organizations too. In places like eastern Africa, they come off as listless and are widely disliked.

What Is Saudi Arabia Up to in the Horn of Africa?

As America shifts away from the war on terror, Ethiopia is looking to the Gulf to fill our void.

How Christian Churches Are Trying to Save South Sudan

The clergy are one of the only credible institutions left in that war-torn country.

Hoping for Peace in the Horn of Africa

Decades of tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea may finally be abating, thanks in small part to strong words from the U.S.