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The Nobel Peace Prize: Devalued Once Again?

It's been awarded to another young leader in the hope of what's to come. That didn't work out well last time.
James Jeffrey October 22, 2019

Brexit Stirs the Spirit of America’s Revolutionary War

The politicians shout about the economy, but the people understand there's something deeper at stake.
James Jeffrey October 8, 2019

The Comic Strip: A Gloriously American Institution

It's been criticized as little better than the horoscope section. But there's great wisdom in there for those willing to look.
James Jeffrey September 19, 2019

Where Did All the Good Men Go in the Abortion Debate?

They have a side of the story too and it isn't nearly as monolithic as it's often made to seem.
James Jeffrey September 5, 2019

The Hot Winds of Purgatory on the Southern Border

Our writer headed there and found the asylum story much more complicated--and less hopeful--than he had imagined.
James Jeffrey July 24, 2019

50 Years Later, the Apollo Program is Still Pure Poetry

We should, all of us, feel some pride at being a member of this audacious, death-defying human tribe.
James Jeffrey July 22, 2019

Sullen, Lonely, and Unfriendly in the UK

Our writer returns to his native country only to find Britain in worse shape than America.
James Jeffrey July 9, 2019

The Post-War Temptation Towards Anger and Guns

A veteran reflects on dealing with rage after deployment and why he feels sympathy for incels.
James Jeffrey May 30, 2019