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The Triumph of the Literal Mind

Art and debate cannot thrive so long as irony-proof social media simpletons are shouting down anything they don’t like.

The Dictatorship of the Young

Youth is everything in today’s culture, while the wisdom of our elders is being pushed aside.

How America Grew Bored With Love

The pop love song and rom-com have died, relics in a world of instant gratification and consumerism.

The Thin Line Between Political Correctness and Decency

Of course we should fight P.C. But we should also accept that some speech needs to be culturally disapproved of.

Serena Williams Serves Tantrum, Scores for Identity Politics

So we excuse the rules and condemn their application—but only for certain people.

You Buried the Queen but Soul Was Already Dead

Aretha Franklin prepared her fans for inspiration, but today’s pop singers are as far from church as they can get.

Corporate Capitalists Killed American Identity

Much more so than immigrants, their progress has often come at our national expense.

In Defense of Howard Zinn

A response to Gil Sewall’s critique of the left-wing professor at TAC earlier this month.

Fake Culture is Hastening Our Idiocracy

When verses like ‘Hol’ up lil’ b*tch, be humble’ win Pulitzer Prizes.

David Mamet Turns Literary Scalpel on 1920s Chicago

New novel simultaneously captures the dynamism of a hustling society, while depicting its corroded core.

Acquitting Elvis of Cultural Appropriation

His groundbreaking rock-n-roll was neither ‘thievery’ nor ‘derivative blackness.’

Norman Mailer Was a Left-Conservative

The prolific writer and liberal celebrity spurned feminism, political correctness, and overreaching government.

Bob Dylan’s Soulful Christian Phase

An atheist appreciates the legend’s haunting religiosity.

The Darker Implications of Trump’s Vulgarity

Appealing to the lowest common denominator threatens to drag the entire American experience down the…toilet.

What Would Christopher Hitchens Say?

Amid the noxious atmosphere of Twitter, the late scribe looks like the last public intellectual of our times.

The Crisis of Masculinity is One of Scarcity, Not Excess

“Are we not men?” is a more salient question than ever.

Are Video Games the New Novels?

American adults turn to “Grand Theft Auto.”

Rock for Republicans?

How the GOP misunderstands John Mellencamp’s heartland ethic