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‘Anti-Racism’ Cult Takes Out Black Prof

Villanova's Vincent Lloyd is a black man of the Left -- but was persecuted by a black radical for being anti-black
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There are many, many non-black people who recognize the Cult of Anti-Racism as something abusive and ugly, but who don't dare to speak out against it out of fear. Now the cultists have professionally brutalized a left-wing black professor, Villanova's Vincent Lloyd (above, giving a lecture at Fuller Theological Seminary), who had the poor judgment to think he had been hired by a summer program to teach, not indoctrinate. In a blockbuster essay in Compact, Lloyd tells his story. Here's how it begins:

On the sunny first day of seminar, I sat at the end of a pair of picnic tables with nervous, excited 17-year-olds. Twelve high-school students had been chosen by the Telluride Association through a rigorous application process—the acceptance rate is reportedly around 3 percent—to spend six weeks together taking a college-level course, all expenses paid.

The group reminded me of the heroes of the Mysterious Benedict Society books I was reading to my daughter: Each teenager, brought together for a common project, had some extraordinary ability and some quirk. One girl from California spoke and thought at machine-gun speed and started collecting pet snails during the pandemic; now she had more than 100. A girl from a provincial school in China had never traveled to the United States but had mastered un-accented English and was in love with E.M. Forster. In addition to the seminar, the students practiced democratic self-governance: They lived together and set their own rules. Those first few days, the students were exactly what you would expect, at turns bubbly and reserved, all of them curious, playful, figuring out how to relate to each other and to the seminar texts.

Four weeks later, I again sat in front of the gathered students. Now, their faces were cold, their eyes down. Since the first week, I had not spotted one smile. Their number was reduced by two: The previous week, they had voted two classmates out of the house. And I was next.

“I was guilty of countless microaggressions.”

Each student read from a prepared statement about how the seminar perpetuated anti-black violence in its content and form, how the black students had been harmed, how I was guilty of countless microaggressions, including through my body language, and how students didn’t feel safe because I didn’t immediately correct views that failed to treat anti-blackness as the cause of all the world’s ills.

This might be just another lament about “woke” campus culture, and the loss of traditional educational virtues. But the seminar topic was “Race and the Limits of Law in America.” Four of the 6 weeks were focused on anti-black racism (the other two were on anti-immigrant and anti-indigenous racism). I am a black professor, I directed my university’s black-studies program, I lead anti-racism and transformative-justice workshops, and I have published books on anti-black racism and prison abolition. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood of Philadelphia, my daughter went to an Afrocentric school, and I am on the board of our local black cultural organization.

Like others on the left, I had been dismissive of criticisms of the current discourse on race in the United States. But now my thoughts turned to that moment in the 1970s when leftist organizations imploded, the need to match and raise the militancy of one’s comrades leading to a toxic culture filled with dogmatism and disillusion. How did this happen to a group of bright-eyed high school students?


You've got to read the whole thing! It is jaw-dropping in how openly cult-like it is. All of it. Literally. The details will blow your mind. And look, this is one more verification of the things that emigres fleeing Communism told me for Live Not By Lies: that wokeness is fundamentally totalitarian, and America is surrendering to it blindly.

Christopher Rufo reports on how the cult manifests in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs at the University of South Florida. That's right: Florida taxpayers are paying these political cultists to indoctrinate students with racial hatred and intolerance. Excerpt:

I have obtained a trove of public documents exposing the university’s DEI programming, much of which, according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the university tried to delete from its website following Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s recent request for information on DEI in the state’s public universities.

Taken together, these materials paint a troubling picture. USF’s sprawling diversity bureaucracy has turned left-wing racialism into a new orthodoxy and implemented an administrative policy of racial preferences and discrimination. It divides individuals into categories of oppressor and oppressed, presents “anti-racism” as the solution, and proposes “racial identity development”—which, in practice, resembles a form of cult programming—as the necessary method of atonement.

The first step in this programming is the condemnation of American society. Following the 2020 death of George Floyd, nearly every appendage of USF condemned the United States as fundamentally racist. Then-president Steven Currall published a statement denouncing the “systemic racism that continues to plague our nation.” The English department attacked the United States for “centuries of normalized violence, structural oppression, and dehumanizing rhetorics that target Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.” The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies blasted America for its “institutionalized, structural racism and white supremacy.” The anthropology department assailed its own discipline for being “rooted in racism.” The department of sociology pronounced on the “interlocking systems of oppression found throughout the institutions of our country.” Literacy studies, women’s and gender studies, engineering, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and other departments released similar statements.

Then the university’s DEI administrators offered the solution: racial reeducation.

In the aftermath of the ensuing George Floyd riots, the USF Counseling Center offered racially segregated counseling sessions for “Black & African American,” “People of Color,” and “White” students, providing a “healing space for POC to discuss unique impacts of systemic racism” and a “connecting space for allies to share experiences and identify ways to take action against racism.” The goal of these psychological conditioning sessions, according to organizers, was to address “COVID-19, xenophobia, killings of unarmed Black people, systemic racism, privilege, oppression, and institutional challenges.” In this kind of programming, individuals are subordinated to racial categories; ideology serves as a substitute for psychological health.

Meantime, the university’s DEI officers reinforced the narrative and offered a battery of resources for racial reconditioning. The Office of Multicultural Affairs published an official guidebook, “Anti-Racist Resources: The Unlearning of Racism and White Supremacy,” that promoted psychological approaches to “white identity development.” The premise of these programs is simple: whites suffer from “white privilege,” “white guilt,” and “white fragility.” And the solution is clear: whites must atone for their oppression through the process of “racial identity development” and “becoming an active anti-racist.”

Florida has a governor willing to fight back to save public education from these ghoulish commissars. What about your state?

Take a look at this clip from a VICE show where young people talk about race. Notice the faces of the leftists here. They cannot believe that anybody would hold a contrary opinion to their own indoctrination.


A cult. That's exactly what this is: a cult.

Listen to this from Pastor Eric Mason:

Where do people like Eric Mason, and all the other cultists, expect this to get them? They are creating an insane sense of entitlement and expectation among younger black people who, when they don't get what they have been led to believe that they deserve, are going to surrender either to rage, depression, or both. And they are making more and more non-black people check out, believing that there is nothing that they can ever do, or that anybody can ever do, to satisfy the cult's demands. Who, exactly, does this help? What does this make better? What does driving out a black liberal professor like Vincent Lloyd, on grounds that he is anti-black, accomplish, other than pointless, mad destruction?

These cultists are doing for black America and for race relations what the transgender cultists are doing for queer people. The backlash is going to be savage when it comes. And if it doesn't come at all, woe betide our country. We have all of us -- black and white, straight and gay, and everybody else -- got to isolate the crazies and get on with the business of figuring out how to live together. These leftist loons are all power-mad nihilists. Their reign of error, and of terror, has gone on for far too long.