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An American Rwanda, Courtesy Of The Left

What kind of country will we have if anti-white race-hating propaganda continues?
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Back in the year 2000, the New York Post sent me to Israel to cover Pope John Paul II's historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I arrived early, and went to Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, to pay my respects. While there, I saw a temporary exhibit explaining how the German people were prepared for the Holocaust via anti-Semitic propaganda. It started out relatively mild. Germany in the early 20th century went through a hygiene craze, in which the masses came to think often about bodily purity and health. And then they began to think about themselves as part of a body politic. Who were the infectious agents making the body politic sick? Jews, of course. The eugenicists, who were among the top medical authorities of the day (also in America, note well), said it was scientific.

You know where all this went. The point is -- and this is a point the exhibit made well -- that it did not start with Hitler. The German people were primed for Hitler. It only took a couple of decades of steady, and steadily intensifying, propaganda to prepare the German people to exterminate the "parasites": Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, the disabled, and anyone else their propaganda said were evil by virtue of their race or some other characteristic. Dehumanization was a process that played out through the mass media.


That stayed with me. I think about it every time I see something like this, which I caught on my Twitter feed this morning:

It comes from Cut, a Seattle-based YouTube channel that produces high-quality, buzzy-type short videos about fluffy topics. Here they have turned unvarnished race hatred into something viral. This is how it goes with the Left today. Nobody even thinks twice about it.

Nobody, it seems, except for Tucker Carlson. Look at this extraordinary monologue from last night:


Carlson doesn't just point to the shocking on-air anti-white racism of MSNBC hosts, but he asks the more important questions: Where is this going? What kind of country are we going to have in a few years if this continues? He begins the show by talking about how that Hutu radio station in Rwanda, back in 1993, prepared the Hutu tribe to slaughter members of the Tutsi tribe in what became a world-historical genocide. This didn't just happen. Radio Mille Collines prepared the Hutus for it by creating and exacerbating tribal hatred.

On this blog back in 2017, I wrote a series of posts about Tommy Curry, a black philosopher who taught at the time at Texas A&M. You can see those posts here, here, and here. Curry fantasized in his writing and his spoken rhetoric about killing white people as an act of liberation. I'm not kidding. Go see for yourself, and hear for yourself. When I drew attention to it in this space, well, what do you know, some white people were offended that the state of Texas paid a black professor to produce "scholarship" and commentary devoted to demonizing whites, even speculating about racial murder as a political act. The Chronicle of Higher Education published a report, written by a white journalist, denouncing me as a bad man for noticing, and complaining. This is how it goes in spaces controlled by the Left: not even genocidal anti-white talk can be condemned. The whites in those spaces hate themselves so purely that they think it's fine. The non-whites? Many of them just hate.

Racial hatred is, alas, deeply rooted in human nature. It is a sinful passion that all people -- all people, not just whites -- have to struggle against to overcome. Many on the Left think that racism is a function of power, in that only people who hold power can be racist. We have just seen in Los Angeles, in the secretly recorded anti-black words of some Latino members of the L.A. City Council, that people of color can be just as racist as anybody else. Of course this is true, and was always true, but it violated the official progressive narrative, which says that only whites can be racist. We will never, ever have anything like racial harmony and reconciliation in this country absent an approach like Dr. King's. King is considered hopelessly old-fashioned now, but I tell you, the first time I heard his words, having grown up in the rural South, I knew they were the truth that sets us free from the demons of race hatred. My generation was raised on King's way of thinking. To see it repudiated now, not by a resurgent white supremacist Right, but by the mainstream anti-white Left, is incredibly depressing.

I find myself thinking this morning of T., a former housemate of mine, and one of the most devout Christians I know. He is white, Evangelical, and a lifelong conservative. In college, he was an RA who was savagely beaten by three black men he asked to leave the dorm, because they were causing trouble. He ended up in the hospital with his broken jaw wired shut. If anybody had cause to fear and loathe black people, it was T. But he didn't do that. He knew that those were three bad men -- not bad because they were black, but bad because they were bad. He knew it would be wrong to judge all black people on the basis of the evil behavior of those three. Only bad things can come from demonizing an entire race because of the violence of these members of that race. This was what his faith taught him, and this is what basic principles of justice taught him. And in today's America, T.'s approach to the world is a relic.

It can't be said often enough: if you demonize one race, you inescapably legitimize demonizing any race. Tucker Carlson repeatedly raises an important question in his segment: why is Comcast, the MSNBC parent company, allowing this to happen? How do they profit from stoking race hatred against white people? How do they profit from propaganda intended to convince black people that they are perpetually victimized, and that their racial rage is wholly justified? Comcast's nine-member Board of Directors is two-thirds white. Why are they stoking race hatred against their own people? Why are they stoking race hatred against anybody?

It is always and everywhere wrong to demonize people on the basis of their race. Who would have imagined that in contemporary America, we would have to remind ourselves of that? Who would have thought that the chief propagandists for race hatred in the 21st century would be progressive American institutions? Yet here we are. This is one thing that American progressivism stands for in 2022: a Balkanized country in the grips of fear and loathing of each other on the basis of race. It's not too late to turn back from this path of hatred and national suicide. But the time to do it is now, before the violence starts. We don't have forever.

UPDATE: Where does this sort of thing go? Consider the Pakistani rape gangs of Britain. Poppy Coburn writes that the whiteness of these working-class victims and the brownness of their rapists was part of the reason the UK establishment did nothing for them. Excerpts:

Grooming cases all across Britain shared remarkable similarities. The victims were young girls, some as young as eight years old. They were working-class, white, typically living in deprived areas. Children placed in care homes were particularly vulnerable, as were girls with cognitive disorders. They had been befriended by older men, plied with food, alcohol and drugs, and showered with the affection and kindness they so often lacked in their personal lives. The children were then informed that they had incurred a ‘debt’, and informed that they must pay it back with their bodies. The men would then rape and prostitute the children for financial gain, ferrying the victims from city to city within their own taxi network. If the girls attempted to leave or inform the police, they were threatened and beaten. The men in question were almost universally of Pakistani heritage. 

The latest allegations, based within the city of Hull, are no less horrifying for their commonality: children aged thirteen gang-raped in squalid flats, trapped in the cycle of abuse via threats of murder against themselves and their families. Young girls having their abuse filmed and distributed, with the ‘pornography’ bearing titles such as “white slag fucked against her will.” There are no special programs for these girls, no smiling photo-ops with politicians or top City internships. There is no day of remembrance for the girls of Rotherham, Hull, Teeside, Bradford and Oxford. In the eyes of the establishment, and in the eyes of their rapists, they remain ‘white slags’. 


We must face facts: our country lacks the will to deport criminals who systematically rape little girls. Successive governments have judged the safety of the working class to be subordinate to their social engineering delusions. The grooming gang cases show us a picture, not of random incompetence, but systematic and malicious endangerment of citizens. The local council shrugs their shoulders, the police assert that “nothing can be done,” and Westminster performs pantomime shock at each new allegation. 

News organisations waste their time reporting on phoney needle-spiking incidents because the Clapham-located victims match their sympathy profile. Middle-class white-on-white crime is acknowledged, but evidence of migrant crime is suppressed. For all the invocations of a uniquely British awkwardness, it is a revealing picture of our current moment that mass rape goes unsolved in order to prevent any regime embarrassment. “No law-and-order, please, we’re British.” 

UPDATE.2: True to form, the left-wing media faults conservatives for noticing anti-white racism:

This kind of narrative-policing from the Left works with a lot of normie conservatives. They would rather just keep their heads down and their mouths shut. But this kind of racist rhetoric is never innocent. Never. It's meant to prepare people for something.


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This anti-white progressive racism is so prevalent that white coworkers here in Massachusetts trying to be collegial have casually made disparaging comments about “rich white men” to me, a black woman, on two instances I can recall over the past year, expecting me to agree with them (I did not). Both of these liberal white women expressed interest in hanging out with me outside of work, but I had to cross them off that list due to those comments.

You’re right: MLK Jr. style racial colorblindness as an ideal is dead among progressives. And I really, really hate that black elites (the “afro-stocracy” as Delano Squires calls them), are the face of this. These are people who have been given every advantage in this country but still peddle this poison for their careers’ sake. It is so cynical, dangerous and disgusting.
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