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Never Buy Girl Scout Cookies Again

The Girl Scouts are ashamed of accomplished conservative women. Let them eat their own crummy cookies
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This is what the Girl Scouts of America tweeted out:


But then the libs went berserk, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth. Then the Girl Scouts tweeted:

That’s the Left for you: politicizing every damn thing. And that’s the quality of our institutional leadership today: surrendering every time leftists caterwaul.

Deleting that ACB tweet was a political act, Girl Scouts. You can’t have it both ways. You caved to your progressive critics, who in effect exercise a veto over which women can and cannot be celebrated for their accomplishments.

I hope you have enough liberal customers to make up for the conservative ones you will lose for the cookies you peddle. I do not want to support an organization that teaches girls that the only women worth celebrating are those who grow up to be progressives, and that the thing for women to do when they are criticized by Mean Girls is to retreat and apologize.

Never buy Girl Scout cookies. Never, ever again. If the Girl Scouts of America are ashamed of accomplished conservative women, and too afraid to stand up for them, then you don’t deserve the support of conservatives, male and female both.

UPDATE: Reader NinaBR comments:

I agree that you shouldn’t buy their cookies. As a former Girl Scout leader, I was shocked at how little of the money the girls make actually goes to the local troop. Most of it goes straight to the GSUSA national office. When one of those cute kids asks if you want to buy cookies in January, give them a cash donation to their troop instead. Yes, GSUSA national office is caving to wokeness, but they do not represent many of the leaders, parents, volunteers, and girls who are in their program–and it is still a good program, on the local level. MANY Girl Scout families are not happy with the direction the GSUSA has taken in the past 10 or so years. When I was a leader, I was part of several FB groups of others leaders who are at wits’ end with all of this.

Cookies are a fun part of Girl Scouts, but believe me, they’ll be just as happy when you hand them a crisp $20 bill that their troop can keep for themselves.