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Normalizing Pedophiles

Old Dominion professor says we should make it easier for 'Minor-Attracted Persons' to come out of the closet
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Take a look at this:

A description from the academic publisher’s website of the book Allyn Walker has written, and is talking about:

Challenging widespread assumptions that persons who are preferentially attracted to minors—often referred to as “pedophiles”—are necessarily also predators and sex offenders, this book takes readers into the lives of non-offending minor-attracted persons (MAPs). There is little research into non-offending MAPs, a group whose experiences offer valuable insights into the prevention of child abuse. Navigating guilt, shame, and fear, this universally maligned group demonstrates remarkable resilience and commitment to living without offending and to supporting and educating others. Using data from interview-based research, A Long, Dark Shadow offers a crucial account of the lived experiences of this hidden population.

Watching that short clip of the interview with Walker, and reading that description, gosh, it sure seems like the next crusade of the genderqueer brigade is to normalize pederastic desire — exactly as many of us figured would happen.

I read the introductory chapter on Google Books. It’s important that I quote it at length, for the sake of clarity. Here we go:

B4U-ACT is a group of pedophiles who want to manage their desire so that they do not commit a crime, and who come together to help each other bear the burden. Knowing nothing more about this group than that, I can see real value in it. But the last two lines are big red flags that we are going down the path of normalization.

Here Walker talks about a conversation with a journalist who has covered this topic, and who warns that it’s dangerous to talk about, because people assume that if you work to normalize pedophiles to any degree, you are setting children up for sexual assault:

Allyn Walker is playing with fire. Surely there must be some way to get these suffering people the help they need without moving towards considering pedophilia just one more “sexual orientation.” Because if it ever should become that, we are halfway to legalizing it, following the same path that standard homosexuality took. If sexual desire is the equivalent of identity, and if to sexually desire minors is at the core of one’s identity, then how can we stigmatize or otherwise suppress pedophiles if we recognize that other kinds of sexual minorities have civil rights?

Anybody who has lived through the last twenty years knows that sexual identity and the law is a slippery slope. This needs to be crushed right now, without apology.

The clip comes from this interview Walker did with Noah Berlatsky of the Prostasia Foundation, which bills itself as “a new kind of child protection organization,” but which amounts to a very sophisticated attempt to normalize pedophilia.

Berlatsky is a weird middle-aged dude, a former contributor to NBC Online, The Atlantic, and other sites, who is familiar from Internet controversies. Among other things, he has written about how parents are an oppressor class, and how the biggest threat to “child sex workers” are the police.

Here, from the website, is one of Berlatsky’s Prostasia co-workers:

Just what we need: a hooker/childcare expert/kink educator. Totally normal, totally fine.

UPDATE: Matt in VA, the gay educational staffer from Virginia, is back! He left this in the comments section:

The important thing to note is that this is a jobs program.

Supposedly we need to “crush” this whole phenomenon. But if it is crushed, it will be because ambitious liberals crush it. Right-wingers and conservatives will do nothing. Because the left understands that power flows from money and patronage, and has an actual relationship with its troops. The left has spent nearly three generations now creating massive jobs programs and installing its commissars in every institution in society, and making it basically illegal to fire its constituent groups. Meanwhile, the Right/Republicans eagerly throw its own members to the wolves at every opportunity, delight in destroying the industries they work in, tell them it’s their own fault if they lose their jobs or are fired, makes ZERO effort to protect them, and join with the Left in policing and penalizing its rightmost flank.

I suppose that isn’t quite fair — the Right loves armies of consultants and make-work jobs and skimming off the federal teat, but only in certain arenas, notably war/military/regime change/knocking over foreign governments. In THAT arena, the Republicans will make sure lots of $$$ gets rolled out in perpetuity–there can never be too much taxpayer money given to Fairfax County “national security” ghouls and former spooks.

In a post-industrial economy — that is, an *attention* economy — all attention is good attention, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity, provided you don’t get banned by the Silicon Valley overlords. As long as you stay inside *that* line — and the Left is very, very focused on making sure that the line gets drawn so that virtually everything left-wing is inside the line and virtually everything right-wing past, say, Ben Shapiro is outside the line — any eyeballs, any impressions, are Good no matter what. Huge portions of the media are based on hate-clicks, etc. Coming out as pansexual/queer/some kind of unappealing agender alien is good if it gets eyeballs; clicks and impressions are numbers on a spreadsheet and it doesn’t matter what the motivation is behind them. As sexuality gets more and more boutique, problematized, and more and more connected with one’s sense of self, as it becomes more important to plumb the depths, as it becomes more essential to focus on oneself and one’s one-of-a-kind sexual nature, each young American is socialized into the atomized isolated consumer-culture cog, perfectly set up for a lifetime of eagerly responding to corporate messaging about how one can be one’s most authentic and realized self (via the purchase or consumption of X or Y content, which is all we make these days). And, even better, all of this problematizing can produce new levels and layers of professionalized carers and change agents–more employment for more people who need to feel like they are making a difference in their careers. More email jobs, more PowerPoint presentations, more dialoguing and Zooms.

Being a “kink educator” is a hustle. I wouldn’t say it sounds like my dream job, but sure there’s a ton of people who’d love that kind of thing. It’s a job you basically cannot fail at, since there are no deliverables. It’s not like making cars or growing food. It’s an email/PowerPoint job. Reaganite Conservatives and Republicans love email/powerPoint jobs (that’s why they tell their kids to major in something practical in college like business) — Reagan conservative boomtowns like Plano and Mesa and Reston VA are full of email/PowerPoint Job People. The kink educator is just another iteration. Viewing it from the lens of “won’t somebody please think of the children!” is a trap that right-wingers have been walking into for much longer than I’ve been alive. This stuff is about jobs, and about what kinds of jobs mushroom out of all proportion when you worship consumer capitalism, vulgar middle-class ambition, respectability office politics (which never had anything serious or moral behind it, so of course it can turn into “kink education” in the blink of an eye — there was NEVER any there there) and exurban anomie and the abandonment of public-square stewardship.

We are already in the blasted landscape of globalization and atomization. What is happening with sexuality is, I think, going to drive fertility rates towards Eastern Asia levels. Given that, kids will be more valuable and precious, and we’ll see more overprotection and micromanagement on the part of the middle and upper middle classes. I don’t necessarily think ambitious liberals will go along with pedophilia normalization, though if things get precarious enough for enough of the middle class, or enough stop having kids altogether, who knows. There will still be a population of kids of the poor who are preyed on and abused, that’s for sure, but there may not be that much change from how it used to be for them — think of how the BY FAR and overwhelming danger for child sexual predation is biologically unrelated males having access to them in the house (mom’s boyfriend, etc) and the collapse in stable marriage among the poor already happened decades ago.

But this phenomenon, the whole “educator’-industrial complex, is related to the sacredness of “education” in our society. Around what is sacred there is a ring of willful blindness. Just as faithful working class Catholics would not believe what the priests were doing to the altar boys, or wouldn’t look at it, so we have a huge mass of middle class people in all Western societies who really believe in “education” and treat it, if anything, even more uncritically than those high-school-diploma working-class Catholics treated the Church. My own parents are a good example–they believe with five or six times the unshakeable certainty of the committed speaking in tongues Pentecostalist that “nice” people “of the right sort” are “educated” which means got a “degree” (it doesn’t matter if they majored in “business” or education” or any other fraudulent ideological enterprise that consists of nothing but regurgitating whatever the latest fad is) and are a “professional” of some sort. Things have not really changed from when Sinclair Lewis wrote Babbitt or Main Street or Arrowsmith — and yes, I understand that épater les bourgeoises is cheap and easy and adolescent, that any clever sophomore can do it. But we are not really any more advanced or truly perceptive or honest about ourselves, we do not really even know ourselves, any more than Babbitt did–all the pathologies still exist, we swim in this world of phony-baloney middle-class ambition like fish swim in water. What alternative do we have? Most middle-class people under the age of 40 or maybe even 50 these days have few manual skills or even home economizing skills–it’s *essential* to putting food on the table, or at least to not slipping in class status, to remain up-to-date with the latest email job pieties. The educator-industrial complex, which includes a huge range of nonsense like the latest nutrition “science” (guaranteed to be reversed in one generation), the latest “political science” (where the person who Wrote the Book on reviving failed states presided over our trainwreck in Afghanistan), the latest “social science” or “public health” (the traditional understanding, which held true for literally centuries, of doctors as being of two types, the friendly unambitious local man who was part of the community and the dangerous and utterly fraudulent quack, is the correct one, and any doctor with even a smidgen of worldly ambition should be trusted about as much as somebody who identifies as a “M.A.P.”), the latest theories on urban problems or urban renewal which without exception make things worse, the — good Lord, what is there to even say? — ARCHITECTURE schools…. sooner or later things will come to a head, but for now, that’s where we are.



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