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Adam Graham’s Brilliant Transgender Prison Scam

Convicted rapist claims female gender identity during trial, is sent to women's prison. This, says the Left, is progress
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Future historians will puzzle over how an entire civilization embraced this madness. From Scotland:

Politicians, campaigners and a UN special rapporteur have all expressed grave concerns that a transgender woman found guilty of raping two women before transitioning is being remanded in a female prison.

Opponents of the Scottish government’s gender recognition reforms – which the UK government has blocked from going for royal assent because of “safety issues for women and children” – said that the case vindicated their concerns about lack of safeguards in the bill.

Isla Bryson, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, was found guilty of two charges of rape on Tuesday after a six-day trial at the high court in Glasgow.

After the conviction, Bryson was remanded in custody to the women’s prison Cornton Vale, where it is understood she is being kept in segregation, until sentencing at the end of February.


Yet the Scottish government insists that this is just and right, and is going through. Of course it does. It follows the logic: if maleness and femaleness has nothing to do with one's body, and everything to do with one's self-definition, then one must, therefore, put this monster, this penis-having rapist, in prison with captive women.

You have to hand it to Adam Graham -- the "dead name" of Isla Bryson -- for figuring out how to give himself a sweet ride in prison. Nevertheless, not every Scotsman has lost his damn mind:

"This rapist decided that he was no longer a man only after appearing in court on a rape charge," said Russell Findlay, a conservative member of Scottish Parliament. "We now have the utterly perverse situation where a Scottish court refers to someone who says he identifies as female using 'her penis' to rape two vulnerable women. We warned of the inevitability of this happening if the SNP's gender self-ID law passed, but for it to have become reality is deeply worrying and an affront to the victims."

Findlay was referring to a law passed by Scottish Parliament last month that allows people as young as 16 to seek a gender recognition certificate to confirm a change in one's legal sex after living in their new gender for just three months — and without the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Society has an absolute duty to protect prisoners from sexual assault. We fail in this badly in the United States, in men's prisons. But here, in Scotland, they are doing it not by failing to do their duty, but by deliberately choosing to put women prisoners at risk of male sexual assault -- all for the sake of woke virtue.

Readers, this is what you get when you normalize transgenderism. You get this, and you get women in other spaces made vulnerable to potential rapists -- and if you say boo about it, you are a bigot on the wrong side of the law. Look at the scam this man in California is running, and getting away with:


From Reduxx:

The trans-identified male who allegedly exposed himself to a 17-year-old girl at a YMCA facility in California has stepped forward to reveal his identity in response to a January 18 rally held outside of the property. Christynne Lili Wrene Wood, 66, addressed a crowd of counter-protesters and stated, “I’m the scary transgender woman who that child misidentified as a man.”

The Santee YMCA has become the subject of international concern after clips from a January 11 city council meeting went viral on social media. During the meeting, local teenager Rebecca Phillips became emotional as she told representatives that she had seen a nude male in the women’s locker rooms at the YMCA.

Phillips said that she was showering after her workout when she “saw a naked male in the women’s locker room,” and became emotional as she recounted her ordeal.

“I immediately went back into the shower, terrified, and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain, until he was gone. I ran into a bathroom stall to change as quickly as I could, organizing my thoughts to share with the people at the front desk. As I did so, I could only think of my five-year-old sister, who I bring to this gym during the summer,” Phillips said, tearing up.

Phillips also said that when she questioned YMCA staff about the presence of the male in the women’s facilities, she was told that “he was indeed allowed to shower wherever he pleased.”


But Wood has a history of suing health facilities after claiming “discrimination” for being denied access to women’s areas.

Wood had previously made headlines in 2021 after winning a lawsuit against Crunch Fitness gym in El Cajon, California. The lawsuit alleged that the Crunch Fitness gym and its owner, John Romeo, discriminated against Wood on the basis of his self-declared “gender identity.”

Wood, a Navy veteran, was represented in that case by the ACLU. Read here for more information.

In so many American schools, children are being propagandized into calling this normal, and being groomed into thinking that they too might be part of this entirely sane and healthy community. Who suffers most? Women and girls. We don't care about them, though, not when the "rights" of sacred transgenders are at issue. The Sexual Revolution ultimately benefits willful males. The re-paganization of Western culture is a recapitulation of Greco-Roman culture, in which free (= non-slave) males held the power to rape and otherwise sexually exploit women, children, and subordinate (slave) men. We have recreated the brutality of Rome and the ethic of the prison yard, and we call it Progress. That's wokeness for you.

This is not a strictly left vs right battle. In the UK, just about the only ones to stand up without qualification against it are the hated TERFs: Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists. We don't agree on much, the TERFs and conservatives like me, but God bless them for their courage. In Britain, trans protesters routinely threaten them with violence, but they stand firm. I don't know if J.K. Rowling would call herself a radical feminist, or even trans-exclusive, as she has defended trans people. But Rowling, a Labour voter, strongly believes they should not have access to women's spaces, and of course is hideously abused in public for her stance. Here are top Scottish politicians associating themselves with pro-trans protesters CALLING FOR THE MURDER of their opponents!

You know who I support politically? The ones who vow to stop this, and who follow through with it. I don't care what else you believe. I see now what the social scientist I heard in a private meeting back in 2015 meant when he told the group of which I was a part, all conservative Christians, that Obergefell wasn't a big deal relative to the threat from transgenderism, should it ever become mainstream. Why? Because, he said, the gender binary undermines so much of our civilizational structure, in ways that we can scarcely begin to imagine, because we have no historical experience with a civilization that has repudiated it. Everything is going to fall apart, he said. Well, now it's happening. And so many of us who know better -- who bloody well know better -- are sitting back passive as these sick wokesters and their establishment pawns -- left-wing politicians and right-wing ones who are too afraid to take a stand -- allow things like what's happening in the women's prison in Scotland and the women's gym in California, to occur.

I live now in a country, Hungary, that is led by a prime minister, Viktor Orban, who dares to say not just no, but hell no. He and his country are routinely demonized by the media, and by other European Union governments, for it. But he is immovable, because he knows a civilization is at stake. I keep saying that the American Right had better learn from him, both by example and by tactics and strategy. The outrageous and disgusting news I report in this blog post is one more reason why. Women in Hungarian prisons don't have to fear rape by a man who has learned how to work the woke system. Women in Hungarian gyms don't have to worry that men like that are going to get access to women's-only spaces and sexually assault them. While the Left and the Respectable Right demonize Viktor Orban, his government is actually defending the safety of women. Think about it.


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I have to ask here what's the protocol for a man convicted of raping another man (yes, that happens, and outside of orisons too). Is he housed with male inmates? I suspect the answer is of course yes. What's the protocol for protecting other inmates from the rapist?
schedule 1 year ago
    Fran Macadam
    Fran Macadam
    Having suffered that kind of rape, as a homeless teenager, almost no one is ever charged with that offense. Rather, the authorities without fail blame the victim.
    schedule 1 year ago
    John Phillips
    John Phillips
    Completely absurd comparison. What would be considered a weak man is much stronger physically than almost all women.
    schedule 1 year ago
      Way to dodge the question. And are you calling Fran Macadam "weak"? He has admitted to being a rape victim. Male victim rape is in fact more common than is usually realized. The date rape drug also works on guys, even "strong" ones. You pretty much prove the point about victim blaming.
      schedule 1 year ago