True! I courted my wife with a mix tape. It was the 1990s, and people still listened to cassettes in their cars. The idea was to put together a list of songs that would convey the essence of one’s soul, allowing one’s favorite songs to speak to the beloved, or proto-beloved, as it were.

I can’t remember everything I put on my first mix tape for Julie, but I can guarantee that Van Morrison’s “Moondance” was there, and REM’s “Nightswimming” (which became our song). Probably also some Billie Holiday. I would guess too that Matthew Sweet’s joyful power-pop cut “I’ve Been Waiting” was on the list. I’m on the road now, but I’ll ask her what else was on the tape. She probably still has it.

Did any of you swains ever woo with a mix tape? What songs were on it? Were you wooed by a mix tape? Which songs told you that this guy (or girl) might be the One?

Hello, young lovers, does anybody still do this?