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The Pope’s ‘Quiet Revolution’

Linker: He’s changing doctrine informally

Posted May 23rd, 2018

Report: Pope Says God Makes People Gay

If Francis has been accurately quoted, then Rome has a massive problem

Posted May 19th, 2018

Chilean Catholic Bishops Resign En Masse

In wake of abuse cases, an astonishing act of humility and responsibility

Posted May 18th, 2018

Cardinal Eijk: Is This The Great Apostasy?

Stunning words of rebuke to Pope Francis from the Dutch primate

Posted May 7th, 2018

About Alfie Evans

British court: Child must stay in UK to die, because his life is unworthy of life

Posted April 24th, 2018

Pope Francis: A Catholic Luther?

Italian historian: This pontificate marks the twilight of Roman Catholicism

Posted April 15th, 2018

Christianity In Negative World

How will the faith survive in a world that sees Christianity as a bad thing?

Posted April 15th, 2018

So Much For The ‘Francis Effect’

New Gallup numbers show steady decline in US Catholicism

Posted April 11th, 2018

Francis: Open Borders Are Pro-Life

Don’t believe unfettered migration is as important as the right to life? Then you’re a bad Christian, says Pope

Posted April 9th, 2018

Reader: Catholics Need To Connect To The Benedict Option

So do all Christians oppressed by turmoil, confusion, fear, and anger in their churches

Posted March 31st, 2018

Needed: Catherines of Siena

The burden of raising faithful children when Church leaders go wobbly

Posted March 30th, 2018

Papal Confusion

It’s how Pope Francis is changing the church

Posted March 30th, 2018

Did Pope Francis Really Deny Hell?

Leading Italian journalist says Pope affirms heterodox view that the damned are annihilated

Posted March 29th, 2018

Francis: Being The Change He Wants

An interview with Ross Douthat about his critical new book about the Pope

Posted March 27th, 2018

No Church Escapes Modernity

There is no hiding place from the unprecedented trial upon us

Posted March 19th, 2018

Pope Francis’s Fake News

The contempt Team Francis has for the thought of Benedict XVI is stunning

Posted March 18th, 2018

Voice Of Conscience = Voice Of God

Cardinal Cupich and the revolutionary progressivism of the Francis era

Posted February 9th, 2018