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Finding Your Religion

Stories from people who once were lost, but found a way to God, and transcendance

Posted September 23rd, 2014

Orthodox Jihadis

Some in the Russian Orthodox Church are creating a ‘Rus’ that is anything but holy.

Posted September 8th, 2014

The Appeal Of Islamofascism

The inspiring religionists of ISIS beheaded poor hostage Jim Foley, as you’ve …

Posted August 20th, 2014

The Seven Sleepers Revered By Muslims & Christians

Here’s something odd and wonderful. Tonight at the vespers service, we commemorated …

Posted August 16th, 2014

The Best Church For American Christianity In Exile

Carl Trueman states plainly what many of us American Christians see: that …

Posted July 29th, 2014

Surprised By Orthodoxy

Here’s a video that’s part of a YouTube series exploring various churches …

Posted July 6th, 2014

The Joy Of Liturgy

This afternoon I went out to our church to mop the floor, …

Posted July 4th, 2014

A Crown, But Not On This Earth

Look at that face. It belongs to St. Elizabeth the New Martyr. …

Posted June 24th, 2014

The Problem Of Truth & Triumphalism

Something I read on the Internet this morning reminded me of an …

Posted June 24th, 2014

A Miracle In Philadelphia

A Ukrainian Orthodox church in Philly burned to the ground — but …

Posted June 22nd, 2014

Forgiving Sexual Offenders In The Clergy?

This is shocking, but not surprising: A former Corvallis priest pleaded guilty …

Posted June 16th, 2014

Orthodox Greekness Vs. Greek Orthodoxy

I read yesterday something by the Orthodox priest Father Andrew Stephen Damick …

Posted June 14th, 2014

The Road To Nicaea 2025

The Ecumenical Patriarch, the titular leader of Orthodox Christians, met recently with …

Posted June 2nd, 2014

The Travails Of Swamp Orthodoxy

My wife is making prosphora (communion bread) this afternoon. She says to …

Posted May 31st, 2014

Church As Place Of Mystery And Revelation

Today in our mission parish, St. John the Theologian, we had our …

Posted May 26th, 2014

Snapshots From The Orthodoxy Movie

Hey, that’s my priest being interviewed about how he went from being …

Posted May 24th, 2014

The Dragonfly

Shawnee Smith and I had one last conversation on camera before she …

Posted May 19th, 2014