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Rand Paul and Libertarian Switcheroos on Race

Like the very evenhanded Jamelle Bouie here, I think Sen. Rand Paul’s …

Posted March 26th, 2014

Liberalism’s (Un)Limited Government

Why is it that today’s liberals have become the most ardent cheerleaders …

Posted February 20th, 2014

Understanding Fuddy-Duddy Beatle Haters

They didn’t so much push musical boundaries as consolidate advances.

Posted February 11th, 2014

A Long, Cold Lent: David Adams Richards’s Friends of Meager Fortune

A grim Canadian tale makes a polar vortex feel warm by comparison.

Posted January 22nd, 2014

How Community Keeps Us Sane

Since the medieval ages, the small town of Geel, Belgium has had …

Posted January 14th, 2014

What Reagan Got Right About South African Sanctions

“Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and …

Posted December 10th, 2013

Mobility and the Rise of Progressive Nationalism

How the frontier and the automobile hollowed out attachment to place.

Posted November 7th, 2013

Material Madchen: “The Artificial Silk Girl”

I picked up Irmgard Keun’s 1932 novel The Artificial Silk Girl at …

Posted October 25th, 2013

The Representation We Deserve

The shutdown mess revealed fundamental problems in our political structure.

Posted October 17th, 2013

What Is an American Conservative?

The Anti-Federalists teach how liberal today’s conservatism has become.

Posted October 9th, 2013

Cursive: A Beautiful Diversity

Handwriting makes a unique mark on the world.

Posted October 3rd, 2013

American Exceptionalism Revisited

George Washington’s view was the antithesis of what politicians tout today.

Posted September 25th, 2013

How to Save the Library

Community ties are as essential as books to keeping the doors open.

Posted September 14th, 2013

What Tolstoy Has to Say About Syria

The great writer’s attitudes towards war could teach us a lesson today.

Posted September 10th, 2013

Not Sensing the Prophetic Vibe from Syria Crisis

I suppose something like the following was inevitable, given the circumstances and …

Posted September 9th, 2013

Maybe Kevin Williamson Wants to Rebuild a Republican Big Tent

Several critics of Kevin Williamson’s 2012 piece celebrating the Republican party’s record on …

Posted August 26th, 2013

A Vintage Coping: How Wine Fosters Hope in War

When reading about war zones, it is easy to envision an endless …

Posted August 24th, 2013