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Will Mapping Ancient Rome Save Western Urbanism—and Civilization?

Two volumes, over a thousand pages, and two thousand years later, this new Atlas is a signal achievement.
Theo Mackey Pollack September 6, 2019

A Lost Monument to Industry—and Traditional Urbanism

The Singer Building was an early skyscraper that respected the skyline.
Theo Mackey Pollack February 15, 2019

A NYC Tenement Legacy Persists, Despite Gentrification

Photographer Jacob Riis charted the perils of industrial urbanism, still seen in this corner of the Lower East Side.
Theo Mackey Pollack November 9, 2018

No, Edward Hopper Did Not Hate the City

The dark force in Hopper’s imagery is not urbanism---it is the disruptive march of industry.
Theo Mackey Pollack October 5, 2018

Glory Days: Reviving Asbury Park, City on the Shore

After decades of decline, the wonderland of Springsteen's youth is at a hopeful crossroads.
Theo Mackey Pollack August 31, 2018

The Mysterious Roman Who Shaped Modern Cities

Vitruvius' De architectura remains the cornerstone of the canon of traditional Western urbanism.
Theo Mackey Pollack August 3, 2018

How Renaissance Cities Built Upon Wisdom From the Ancient World

Contemporary planners have much to learn from past masters as well.
Theo Mackey Pollack June 15, 2018

Meet the Austrian Who Invented Placemaking

Camillo Sitte was a champion of traditional European urbanism.
Theo Mackey Pollack May 11, 2018