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The Great Power Game is On and China is Winning

If America wants to maintain any influence in Asia, it needs to wake up.

The Man Who Built The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page

Warren Phillips kept it a voice of conservative reason even as other papers were tilting left.

Why Legislative Powers Need to Be Checked, Too

For separation of powers to work, the president must be able to protect his interests and constitutional prerogatives.

America, We Have a Problem

The status quo—our foreign policy, our economic health, our exceptionalism—is fraying before our very eyes.

The New Political Bosses Come for Joe Biden

We’ve replaced the old party machinery with pundits and pollsters, and their vetting of candidates is pitiless.

168 Days: Recalling an Old-Fashioned Court Packing Drama

After months of political maneuvering, intrigue, backroom bargaining, and furious oratory, the fate of FDR’s plan was clear.

The Intellectual Assault On Our National Identity

Commentators like Jill Lepore are wrong to say America has no shared cultural heritage or core.

The Coming Socialist President?

Just because Democrats are lurching leftwards doesn’t mean they’re going to lose in 2020.

Do You Believe in the Deep State Now?

The revelation that top Justice officials considered unseating Trump should answer that question for good.

The War Over ‘Toxic Masculinity’

It’s splitting us down partisan lines and poisoning our social science.

NATO is a Danger, Not a Guarantor of Peace

Status quo supporters like the New York Times poke fun at Trump for even questioning the alliance. But who’s the fool?

How Trump’s First Two Years Might Have Been a Success

The president has made fundamental errors that may sink his presidency. It didn’t have to be that way.

The Better Era of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

It’s from a time when women held real power and morality still governed sex.

The Biggest Losers of Trump’s Presidency: His Voters

His incompetence and incoherence guarantees that he’ll be a one-term president.

America’s First Elites

The country’s earliest ruling class embodied America, unlike today’s meritocracy, which despises it.

Mixed Midterm Results Reveal the Trump Paradox

The president may relish his new circumstances but both he and the Democrats must face their own political weaknesses.

What Happens When the Caravan Gets Here?

It’s not just a practical problem, but an existential one. Are we ready for it?

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Goes Neocon

The president’s equivocating remarks over the defense secretary show that Bolton and Pompeo are indeed winning.

After Racism, the Left Struggles to Find a New Menace

Shelby Steele says the Left’s hate can be seen as a death rattle, but how bloody will it get in the meantime?

The Perils of Our Liberal Hegemony

John Mearsheimer’s latest book explores how progressivism gave us today’s foreign policy mess.

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