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Gangs of Aleppo

The Arab Spring succumbs to post-state violence

Unfriendly Fire

How the Taliban mastered the operational art of modern war

Stealth Turkey

The trillion-dollar F-35 is an easy target.

How To Leave Afghanistan

America can’t let India dictate South Asia’s map.

That Old Romanov Feeling

America loses even if it wins a war with China.

Leaner, Meaner Marines

Even with a Taftian foreign policy and a defensive grand strategy, America …

Building a Navy That Won’t Sink the Economy

America is by geography a maritime state. Even with a vastly shrunken …

Reshaping the Pentagon for an Age of Austerity

The systemic crisis now beginning to engulf the United States, Europe, and …

Battles Won, Wars Lost

By William S. Lind | August 22, 2011 One of the rules …

Turning Libya Into Somalia

In mid-April, I was asked to participate in a “Libya Workshop” in …

Generation Gap

By William Lind | May 5, 2011 A central tenet of the …

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