William S. Lind

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Memo to the Chairman

If the Joint Chiefs are sick of losing, try a defensive grand strategy.
William S. Lind April 27, 2016

Failure as a Way of Life

The logic of lost wars and military-industrial boondoggles
William S. Lind February 15, 2016

One Cheer for Colonialism

Libya needs a state. Egypt can provide one.
William S. Lind February 12, 2016

Logic of a Modern Militia

How do you stop lone-wolf terror? With every man available.
William S. Lind November 12, 2015

What Militarism Means

Its perfect symbol isn’t Prussia, it’s the F-35.
William S. Lind July 27, 2015

Why Soldiers Lie

Our generals are better at bureaucratic infighting than war fighting.
William S. Lind May 18, 2015

Israel’s Choice: Peace or Anarchy?

The Jewish State needs Arab allies against new tides of statelessness.
William S. Lind February 17, 2015

Conservatism for the City

Beauty, streetcars, and dual codes are the right ideas for urban policy.
William S. Lind January 8, 2015