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Yes, They’re Coming For Kids

Trans activists, aided by doctors, legal system, and YouTube, are devastating families
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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSkXkm2fyzg]

Via 4th Wave Now, a politically nonpartisan web resource for parents and others resisting the trans cult, here’s a seven-minute video by “Jack,” a young girl, who claims to be a 13-year-old boy. If that kid is 13, I’m the Lord Mayor of Murti-Bing. If she was younger than 13, she would be forbidden by YouTube’s rules.

Watch the video. The girl, who says in earlier videos on her YouTube channel that she wants to be a trans YouTube star, talks in sickening detail about “packers,” or fake male genitals that some FTM (female-to-male) transgenders wear in their pants to look more masculine. She’s playful and charming. It’s sick.

In this clip from mid-December, the playful scamp confesses to having stolen her father’s credit card to buy a second prosthetic penis (this one with fake testicles) over her personal smartphone — and speculating about using the device for masturbating. Needless to say, this is NSFW (says the child below: “I mean, tell me it isn’t awkward to be like, ‘Mom, can I get a packer, can I get a silicone d*ck… ?'”):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFhRjpgsREo]

If you’re interested, here is a link to this kid’s YouTube channel. There’s a short clip in which she interviews her mother, asking her to comment on what she (Mom) thinks about having a trans kid. The parents are into it, apparently. This child is a middle schooler at best. Kids like this have followers on YouTube. Over the weekend at a conference, I was present when a priest spoke about a family he used to minister to whose young daughter got drawn into this insane world through watching YouTube clips like these. Now that family is living a nightmare. Another priest told me that in his relatively small parish, there are several parishioners having to deal with this in their families. It boggles the mind.

Please, parents, if your kids have smartphones, take them away. If they don’t have smartphones, don’t give them one. You have to learn to say no. Talk to them about what they’re hearing in school, from the teachers as well as from their classmates. This is the real world, the world that you will never hear about in the news media, which is entirely celebratory. This stuff is all abstract, until you see a beautiful child, like the one in the videos above, saying the things she says, and doing it with her parents’ knowledge and blessing.

I strongly urge you to read 4th Wave Now’s Twitter feed, which contains screenshots (with names blacked out) taken from a private Facebook forum for parents of trans children. So many people are in total denial about the crazy evil of this stuff, including parents completely abdicating common sense and responsibility — often being egged on by medical authorities. For example:




Here are a couple of screenshots from parents whose female daughters are having problems with breast-binding, which is standard behavior for girls trying to be boys:




Here’s a screenshot from that same supportive parents FB group in which a mom’s penis-having “daughter” has a problem that mom can’t solve:



Here’s a link to that “Reportable trauma” story. More from that thread:

You have to understand that not only does the medical community support this kind of child abuse, but the legal community is working to make it possible for these children to be taken out of the homes of parents who say no to transition. The Toronto Star reports:

Courts have ruled in favour of a teenager who wants medical treatment in his gender transition, despite the opposition of his father, in a ruling that grants trans kids more legal rights and protections.

Last month the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that a teenager, with the support of multiple doctors and health-care workers, can start hormone therapy even though his father thinks he’s not mature enough to make such a decision.

The father appealed the decision on March 4.

Legal experts say the decision will have an impact on the responsibilities of parents by altering family law. It means parents need to respect their kids’ chosen gender, pronouns and name. It also sets a precedent for transitioning youth across the province, suggesting that seeking medical assistance is a health decision and not a political or moral one that a parent can stop.


The ruling has significant implications for how we define child abuse, according to trans rights lawyer Adrienne Smith.

Because of the ruling, “misgendering a person, using the incorrect name for them and trying to persuade them not to undertake gender-affirming care are forms of family violence, and that’s really important,” Smith said.

In other words, if parents misgender and reject their kid for being transgender, that could constitute emotional abuse, for which they could be reported to authorities.

Read it all. Refuse to call your daughter “he” and buy her a breast binder and a silicone penises, and she can call Child Protective Services and ask to be taken out of the home. This is British Columbia today. It’s coming here if we don’t stop it.

Don’t expect doctors to help you either. From one of 4th Wave Now’s readers:


Why are politicians not speaking out about this? Why are they so afraid? Why does it fall to websites and Twitter feeds like 4th Wave Now to tell the truth?

UPDATE: Maggie Gallagher, who would know, writes:

Politicians don’t speak out because it’s not in their interest. The gay marriage fight showed social conservatives have no political muscle. If you speak out.. a whole movement will come after you. They got Marilyn Musgrave by creating fake prolife groups to charge she wasnt prolife e g. The Governor of NC signed a bill…and lost reelection. We tried to raise a million dollars to communicate with voters on the transgender issue …voters really hated the Dems stance. No donors willing to do it, partly because they fear the gay movement will attack their businesses. If a politician speaks up all social conservatives can do is tweet a few hugs. Not enough.

UPDATE.2: A reader comments:

Interesting data point.

4thwavenow.org is blocked by my employer’s firewall. It’s a commercial product that comes preconfigured with a list of NSFW sites.

You can be sure this isn’t an accident as it lets you go to many obscure sites.

You can know who has power in a society by what you are forbidden to talk about.

UPDATE.3: Reader Xenie:

My priest (Orthodox) has mentioned that this issue has suddenly been coming up all over the place, out of the blue. 20-odd years as a pastor and confessor and in just the past couple of years it is something he is having to deal with, especially with inquirers, with baffling and sudden frequency. It really is an epidemic, and no one can say they are far enough away from it to be totally unaffected. I am grateful for his seasoned and compassionate leadership because so many other authorities have gotten lost in the weeds on this one. Even some Vatican authorities are starting to waver: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vatican-news-runs-interview-claiming-puberty-blockers-okay-in-very-restricted-cases

As a parent, a Christian, and a woman with unfortunate amounts of up-close experience dealing with this issue and investigating it, my advice to all is:

1. Get your kids out of the schools.
2. Join HSLDA. Best $35 you will ever spend, you’ll have a lawyer on the phone 24/7 if you need one.
3. Talk to your kids about the dangers and risks. Be very painfully clear. A boy can like pink and lace, a girl can like baseball and short hair, but no one can change their sex, and the mutilations that attempt to approximate it are harmful, destructive, and morally wrong.
4. When they are old enough, warn your kids that saying certain things to certain authorities could cause problems. I hate to be in this position, but so it is. I have warned my “tomboy” daughter that it is not safe to express certain opinions around doctors, etc, I have not vetted.
5. Watch your back, watch your kids’ backs, especially if any of your kids are ADHD or autistic–they are especially being targeted by this ideology and the groomers associated with it.
6. Make no mistake, this “fad,” this grooming, this medical malpractice, is a grave form of sexual abuse and should be treated and discussed as such.

Ted is correct that this is escalating fast and out of control. I have been watching the situation closely for the last 15 years and it has exploded and careened into chaos in just the last 4, beyond what I ever would have, in my most pessimistic moment, though possible as recently as 2012. In this past year, all of a sudden, the questionnaire at the teaching hospital clinic my kids attend included a question about gender identity for my newly minted three-year-old, and an invitation to discuss the “sexuality” of my autistic, intellectually disabled 8-year-old. They are putting these questions on the standard run-down in order to “catch” as many potential recruits as possible. The lobbying groups associated with this movement are incredibly wealthy and powerful. This is going to get very ugly.

UPDATE.4: Reader Axxr:

Those who are saying that this is alarmist don’t have children in urban public schools. I have a tween there right now, and the peer pressure to be trans is significant. We keep hearing that this affects a “very small percentage” of the people in society. How is it, then, that in one class, it’s a fourth of the kids claiming to be trans, in another it’s a third of the kids claiming to be trans, etc.? And more besides claiming to be “gender-fluid” or similar? How is half of a classroom of pre-teens a “small” phenomenon?

It looks, as far as I’m concerned, like peer-pressure of the sort that parents have always warned against. Sex. Drugs. Crime. etc. Only now it’s gender identity, and the system, rather than fighting the peer pressure, is encouraging it, and proposing biological interventions besides.

The number of parents who are buying in is also alarming. Kids are happily being told by their parents that gender is a construct, it’s naturally fluid, you’re free to find your true self, it’s *not* uncommon, doctors can help, etc. And if you’re the parent who tells your kid that this isn’t true? Your kids very quickly come to understand that *you’re* the bigot. They’re out there swimming in that ocean. That also doesn’t play well in the peer pressure arena—”I’ve got the bigot parent who doesn’t accept people for who they are, *le sigh*”

This is not a small phenomenon. And all signs say it’s going to get larger. What is the threshold at which people finally start to worry about this? When 10% of kids are on hormones? 20% of kids? 30%?

I argued with a fellow parent this week who had no problem with those numbers. It’s just helping people to “be who they are,” like hairstyles and fashion choices. They had no problem with it whatsoever. And what can you do? Forbid your kids from socializing with certain other kids? If you’re a parent, you know it’s not so easy to sever social ties on your childrens’ behalves, much less multiple social ties, much less if the kids in question are the “coolest” (i.e. the trans) ones that are the most flamboyant and popular.



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