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Yes, Disruptive Students Can Be Deported

State of the Union: And they should be.

Credit: Ted Eytan

MIT argued that they cannot suspend disruptive students because the students might be deported. 

Haaretz reports, “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has acknowledged that the reason it did not follow through with threats to suspend students participating in an unauthorized anti-Israel protest this week was its concern that they could face deportation because they were not U.S. citizens.”


The statement is wrong on multiple accounts. From the legislative side, every student visa questionnaire asks whether any foreigner is inclined to riot, disrupt, or otherwise cause disorder, or take part in terrorism or insurrection. Likewise, the university can immediately expel a student and restore order the moment it so desires. 

Similarly, if a student is found guilty of any of those, he is also guilty of committing perjury to the government of the U.S. and is liable to be deported. 

If the federal government decides a person unworthy of being in the U.S. for their conduct, MIT can do nothing about it. 

Second, on a normative level, no country has a duty to train those who violently oppose or seek to destroy all or part of it. Once again, this could be easily solved by legislation such that no university could do anything about it. You don’t see such protests by foreign students at universities in China.

Our inability to do anything is a reflection only on our inaction and lack of authority. It’s a question of agency. Both governments and universities can restore order the moment they want. It is really that easy to bring down the fear on students and protesters. 

On a generic level, we are reaching the point where the argument has moved away from whether multiculturalism works or fails, to how to plan with a future legislative framework and enforcement procedures of mass deportation of foreigners unwilling to assimilate, circumventing the human rights framework if necessary. On this broader question at least, it feels like we are on the cusp of the dam giving in. The moment one major Western country starts mass-deportation of newly arrived illegals, the entire post-’45 “human rights” NGOcracy architecture collapses. 

Historians do not like making predictions, but here’s one. Within five years, mass deportation will be a mainstream policy suggestion. There will be no other way.


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