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World War T & North Carolina

SJW culture warriors bearing down on the Tarheel State

Steve Sailer calls the big post-Obergefell push to normalize transgenderism “World War T”. It’s an apt phrase. These radicals just do not stop, ever:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system in North Carolina was going to use a book about a boy who likes to wear dresses as part of a first-grade lesson on what to do when someone is bullied.

But school administrators this week pulled the book, “Jacob’s New Dress,” after critics complained about its content.

The book came under fire from the North Carolina Values Coalition, a conservative group that promotes “pro-family positions,” according to its website.

Tami Fitzgerald, the executive director of the coalition, said that no notice was given to parents about the book and that it was sprung on teachers only days before it was supposed to be used.

“I read the book online,” she said. “It’s clearly geared to young children. The book is meant as a tool of indoctrination to normalize transgender behavior. I think a lot of parents would object to that.”

She said a teacher tipped off the coalition, which emailed its members, issued a news release and was organizing a petition when the school system reversed course.

“We believe the purpose of first grade is to teach writing, reading and math and not to teach boys to wear dresses,” she said.

The book opens with Jacob in the dress-up corner of a classroom where students can put on costumes and imagine themselves in different roles. Jacob puts on a sparkly pink dress and a crown and declares, “I’ll be the princess.”

And of course the NCAA, an organization that is supposed to be about sports, but which, like ESPN, now considers itself to be a Social Justice Warrior outfit, has issued an ultimatum to North Carolina:

The NCAA will start deciding on locations for its upcoming championships next week and has indicated it will leave North Carolina out of that process if the state hasn’t changed a law that limits LGBT rights by that time.

In a statement Thursday, exactly one year to the day after the law was passed, the sports organization said its committees will begin picking championship sites for 2018-22 and will announce those decisions April 18. The statement also noted that “once the sites are selected by the committee, those decisions are final.”

What business is it of the NCAA to decide that North Carolina must be punished because of the way it regulates transgender bathroom use? I wish North Carolina would tell the NCAA to get stuffed. The reader who tipped me off to this story pointed out “the hypocrisy of the NCAA making millions and millions of dollars on the backs of unpaid college students but [having] the audacity to lecture North Carolina.”

Here’s the rule of contemporary progressivism: you can exploit anybody you want, just as long as you say the right thing about minorities and gays.

Meanwhile, on the World War T front, did you see what Ryan T. Anderson had to face this week at a lecture at UT-Austin? Here’s a link to the video on Facebook. Warning: the protesters have filthy mouths. Watch it, though, and understand what pro-trans berserkers these protesters are. They have no interest in anything but coercion and suppression of dissent. Universities must get to the point where they expel any student who behaves like this in a lecture. No warning, no apologies: expulsion. Otherwise, they will destroy universities.

Some woke liberal Evangelical on Twitter this week griped about me, and said people like me have had time to change our views, and now deserve to be shouted down. I blocked him, because who has time for Jacobins like that? “Agree with me, or I will scream at you until you surrender.” And this cat is a pastor. That’s exactly what you see on the Ryan Anderson video. But this is where we are going as a culture. Let us propagandize your first grade children for transgenderism, or we will scream at you until you surrender!

No child, trans or otherwise, should be bullied. Full stop. The genius of the LGBT activist strategy for the past 20 years or so has been to package their radical ideology in anti-bullying, safety-and-health rhetoric. No decent person wants to see gay kids or any kids bullied in school. But there is no reason at all to say that one has to teach children that it’s normal for boys to present themselves as girls in order to teach children care and respect for others. Christian students shouldn’t be bullied either, but no Christian claims that teaching that requires reading Gospel-based storybooks to first graders.

This kind of ideological craziness cannot be reasoned with, because it denies reason. It can only be resisted. That resistance can take many forms, but it has to happen. If orthodox Christians and other social conservatives take our beliefs as seriously as these Jacobins and their churchy fellow travelers take theirs, we have to act on it. Defend our universities. Defend our children. And if the administrators of our universities and schools capitulate, then walk.

UPDATE: Janwaar Bibi, who is an atheist (by the way), comments:

One of the professional meetings in my research area was supposed to be held in NC but the organizers decided to move the meeting somewhere else to protest NC’s bathroom law. Where has this meeting been moved to? To China, which is famous for its devotion to human rights.

For progressives, boycotting NC is enlightened, boycotting China is racist. The terrifying thing is that my research area is not even in the humanities and social sciences, which have been destroyed by SJWs – it is a hardcore STEM field. Winter is coming.



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