The Sad Decline of the House Freedom Caucus

Once a powerful voice against executive overreach, they’re perfectly fine with big deficits and the ends justifying the means.

The Republicans’ Millennial Problem

It’s going to take more than policy gimmicks to compete with the growing allure of victimology.

How the Revolution Could Devour Bernie

The Democratic Party may be marching leftward too quickly even for him.

The Double-Edged Sword of Polarized Journalism

As Northam-gate showed, when reporters are driven by Twitter-fueled partisanship, the results can be good and bad.

Trump’s Alarming Abuse of Executive Power

The only ‘national emergency’ is a president who violates the Constitution to get his way.

Blame Congress for Trump’s Immigration Power Grab

Their inability to carry out the popular will has left people hungry for action.

We Can’t Afford the Green New Deal

But that doesn’t mean fighting climate change and promoting green energy is impossible.

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The president failed on the wall because he did not pursue a populist agenda while Republicans controlled Congress.

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Right From the Beginning

The Iraq war critics have been vindicated. Just ask the likes of David Frum.

Goodbye My Friend, Walter Jones

Of all the people I worked with on Capitol Hill and off, he was one of the best.

Do You Believe in the Deep State Now?

The revelation that top Justice officials considered unseating Trump should answer that question for good.

The Democrats and the Diversity Dilemma

There are too many tribes to please, which means no one will be happy when the day is done.

Ignoring America’s Abyss of Debt

Congress has stared into it and realized it doesn’t care. This latest spending bill is a travesty.

Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around?

Pundits like Max Boot and Bill Kristol got everything after 9/11 wrong but are still considered “experts.”

Walter Jones Made the Yemen Vote Happen

This victory reflects how many hearts and minds were influenced by the late Congressman’s tireless efforts.

The Stakes for Nationalists in This Year’s European Elections

The European Union’s critics may soon win real power.