Drowning in the Internet’s Political Sewers

Contra Elizabeth Warren, you can’t make a cesspool smell better by introducing more competition.

The Blob Lashes Out At Critics of Endless War

Unless we can push this tired establishment thinking aside, we’ll be the world’s police forever.

Nationalism, Not Neoconservatism

It would be a shame if the promising conservative movement of the future was co-opted by the pro-war operators of the past.

Did ‘The Squad’ Just Make Trump’s Day?

Dems think they won this round by declaring him racist by official decree. They may not be smiling for long.

With Mueller Time a Flop, Dems Run to Plans B and C

The mission to delegitimize Trump has failed, so hope is that Biden or a parade of far-left ‘fresh faces’ will do the trick.

Ready for the Green New Cronyism?

AOC’s plans would amount to Solyndra on steroids, distorting the free market with new regulations and taxes.

How to Become a Federal Criminal

The man behind @CrimeADay lets some air out of America’s ever-inflating federal criminal code.

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Trump Fuels a Tribal War in Nancy’s House

Trump is driving a wedge right through the Democratic Party, between its moderate and militant wings.

National Conservatism’s Time Has Come

Can the nation-state be a force for good? A summit this week highlights both the challenges and hopes of such a calling.

Beware the Boris in Trump’s Clothing

Brits either see him as either a savior from—or master of—destruction. They’re both wrong. He’s just not that good.

Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways?

We should hope not. But the resignation of Britain’s ambassador to Washington suggests otherwise.

How We Ended Up With Kids in Cages

Hysteria won’t solve anything. We’ve created a politicized immigration system and we need to fix it.

Welcome to the Hellfire Club

Our elites cavorted with a pedophile, almost certainly aware of what he was up to. This is how revolutions begin.

As Big Tech Gets Richer, We Get Smaller and More Vulnerable

Why have we surrendered to Facebook’s and Google’s unprecedented encroachments into our private lives and politics?

The Left-Wing Power Play of Banning America’s Symbols

From the Betsy Ross flag to Thomas Jefferson monuments, self-anointed minders are erecting a moral hierarchy that comforts their fellow elites.

Ross Perot the Fickle Populist

The late billionaire and presidential candidate fought Bush and Clinton, then Buchanan and Trump.

Lock Him Up

Jeffrey Epstein’s trial may do what no other could: Bring populists and progressives together against predatory elites.