Don’t Confiscate Guns: Protect Schools

It’s the best way to keep our kids safe. Just ask the public.

The Coming Clash of the GOP Titans

Right now Mitt Romney is taking a pragmatic tone towards the White House. Don’t expect it to last.

The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing’ Everything

Their obsession with destroying white, euro-centric ‘domination,’ wherever it may be, has become patronizing and authoritarian.

Fashioning a Post-Fusionist Christian Politics

As the traditional conservative coalition unravels, the faithful must provide a better way. A recent AEI panel discussed the possibilities.

Eric Holder Flirts With Presidential Bid, Hooks Up With Hollywood

The former AG is the inspiration behind a new TV series. Expect it to gloss over his shilling for the world’s rich and powerful.

Ted Cruz’s Flighty Campaign for the International Space Station

The ISS has been called an ‘orbital turkey,’ so why is this so-called fiscal conservative wielding the baster?

Billy Graham: American Pastor With A Global Flock

The late evangelist’s mission to ‘save’ everyone allowed him to transcend partisan politics and draw widespread support.

MORE IN Politics

The New Separatism

As national governments are plunged into crisis, many are looking elsewhere for their identities.

CPAC Told Those Criticizing Marion Le Pen to Do Their Research—So I Did

Does the conservative conference understand who they just invited?

How Rob Porter Got His Security Clearance

The system didn’t break down. Someone failed to uphold its standards, and the Trump administration paid the price.

Is That Russian Troll Farm Really an Act of War?

One congressman says Moscow’s election meddling is Pearl Harbor all over again. Nonsense.

The Awesome Power of the Firearm

We acknowledge cars are dangerous and require training to drive them. So why isn’t the same true of carrying guns?

The Pathetic Inadequacy of the Trump Opposition

The hawks and internationalists who set our house on fire don’t now deserve the contract to rebuild it.

Remembering Jeff Bell: Supply-Side Giant-Slayer

He took on New Jersey’s Clifford Case and forever changed the way Reagan conservatives talked about the economy.

Trump’s Military Parade: Toy Soldiers Made Large-as-Life

In a weird way, his militaristic proposal captures something important about our present moment.

Christopher Steele: The Real Foreign Influence in the 2016 Election?

His dossier was more than opposition research, it was part of a full-spectrum information operation.

A Lament for the Tea Party

It changed our politics, briefly, fleetingly. Now Congress’s latest budget shows the GOP is back to its Bush-era ways.