When Government Becomes a Political Weapon

We’ve reached a point where any partisan adversary must be a criminal. How do we put that genie back in the bottle?

Republicans: Still Fiddling While Obamacare Burns

Health care premiums are soaring. If Congress doesn’t grow a backbone and act, they’ll cede the issue to the left forever.

How The Great Society Made a Mess of Higher Education

LBJ’s federal interventions created a system in which students are the greatest losers.

Generation Z or Generation Zzzzz?

Today’s youth are lonely, adrift, and politically disengaged.

Throwing Children Away: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Zero tolerance and the proliferation of cops on campus are sending more kids into a life of incarceration than ever.

Neocons and Liberals Join Forces to Fight Populism

Two big Washington think tanks have teamed up to defend democracy against an ‘assault on the transatlantic community.’

Rand Paul Against the World

A new report suggests the Kentucky senator is singlehandedly preventing war with Iran.

MORE IN Politics

Corporate Capitalists Killed American Identity

Much more so than immigrants, their progress has often come at our national expense.

The Progressives’ Bark is Worse Than Their Bite

As this week’s primaries showed, Bernie Sanders’ program still struggles to win nationally.

The Conservative Case Against the Death Penalty

Forget Pope Francis’s supposed leftism: the right has many reasons to oppose capital punishment, too.

I Was Banned for Life From Twitter

I became persona non grata after a heated exchange over the media’s complicity with the government. The mob won.

What Dirt Does Russia Have on Barack Obama?

Trump has actually been tougher policy-wise on Moscow than his predecessor. There can only be one explanation.

Social Justice Warriors Are the Democrats’ Electoral Poison

Those who don’t denounce the politics of Sarah Jeong will crash and burn just as George McGovern did.

America the Unexceptional

Believing we’re exempt from the moral law because we stand for “democracy” is the worst mistake we’ve ever made.

On Iran, the Neocons Are No Ronald Reagan

They think they can pressure Tehran to collapse a la the USSR. That’s nonsense.

White Lines, Black Epidemic

Cocaine is quietly killing African-Americans at a startling rate. Why is no one paying attention?

Stupid, But Not Socialism

The Right’s effort to distinguish nice Democrats from the other ones is leaving this writer a bit cold.