Meeting the Transgender Moment

Coming this fall: Supreme Court battles may change the meaning of “sex” under the law.

Trump Appoints ‘Bolton Lite’

For foreign policy realists, a disappointing but not cataclysmic end to the search to replace John Bolton.

Nationalism and Its Discontents

They believe we’re a long way from communitarian excess—and from home. Their opponents see something more sinister.

Trump Revives a Tried and True Attack: Shaming Our Cities

From Baltimore to San Francisco, many of America’s urban areas are blighted and in desperate need of reform.

Iran and the Poisonous Fruits of ‘Maximum Pressure’

This is what happens when you unilaterally pull out of a nuclear deal and then try to smother another country.

The Washington Post‘s War on ‘Racist’ Trump

Which is really a mission to alienate most of the country.

This Wasn’t How Trump’s War on Iran Was Supposed to Go

The U.S. thought it was cleverly choking the regime, but now it’s clear that ‘maximum pressure’ goes both ways.

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Is Trump ‘Locked and Loaded’ for War With Iran?

John Bolton might be gone but his ghost is still haunting the White House.

Why Identity Politics Kills Democracy

A true politics unites disparate people under a single label: citizen. Not so for our current multiculturalism.

Defending the ‘European Way of Life’ is Outrageous, Apparently

The EU’s latest freakout shows just how deeply the rot has set in.

Why Progressivism Wins

It’s much better at building coalitions and seizing power than the Right is, and that’s by design, not by accident.

Inside the Wide Open Race to Succeed John Bolton

Will he go hawk, safe bet, or for a foreign policy realist like Doug Macgregor, who would thrill Trump’s closest supporters?

Finally, the Odd Couple Splits

If thwarting his boss at every turn was his goal, Bolton leaves the White House a successful man.

Court: FBI Must Destroy Memos Calling Antiwar.com a Threat

Ruling comes after a eight-year battle over secret surveillance of the popular website after 9/11.

After Bolton, Trump’s Second Term Depends on America First

Trump just can’t govern the way he wants to by recruiting from the George W. Bush and John McCain B Teams.

5 Questions the Media Won’t Ask Biden in the Debate

Corruption? Tax fudging? Hypocrisy over military service? Inquiring minds want to know.

Amazon is Teaming Up With Police for Mass Surveillance

Their home security cameras, hidden in doorbells, have blanketed small towns—and the footage is being used by authorities.