Category: Politics

The Blob: Still Chasing After Pax Americana

After all the failure, they still look at our wars in the Middle East as some kind of golden age.
Andrew J. Bacevich November 11, 2019

When ‘Sexist’ (and Desperate) Democrats Bully Warren

It may not be a good idea for the male candidates to pile on the one woman front runner for the nomination.
Patrick Buchanan November 8, 2019

Donald Trump’s Boneheaded Plan to Steal Syrian Oil

If he's going to go plundering, why not hit Saudi Arabia first?
Doug Bandow November 7, 2019

A Note to Progressives: Tell Me How This Ends

The fun house ride of daily shocks and anti-Trump outrages is conditioning us to shut up, don't think, simply react.
Peter Van Buren November 7, 2019

Losing Your Driver’s License Can Cost You Your Livelihood

It traps the poor in a vicious cycle where they need to drive to work but can't. Fortunately the Supreme Court can help.
Dan King November 6, 2019

Nancy Pelosi’s Party: Billionaires and Drag Queens

The life-long pol espouses a combination of economic neoliberalism and progressive radicalism. But she also knows what wins.
James Pinkerton November 6, 2019

Will Julian Assange Die in Prison?

Friends say the once crusading Wikileaks founder appears shockingly deteriorated and no longer able to advocate for himself.
Barbara Boland November 6, 2019

Sneering at the Yokels in the Age of Trump

Elite journalists like Joel Stein and Sam Tanenhaus return from Red America feeling very superior indeed.
November 6, 2019

Trump’s Trade War Has Dire Consequences

A 10 percent drop in manufacturing and dwindling investment due to tariffs could lose him the election.
Jon Basil Utley November 6, 2019

Establishment’s Coup Attempt Is Approaching End Game

The House impeachment of President Donald Trump seems baked in the cake.
Patrick Buchanan November 5, 2019