Paul Ryan: The Pupil Who Outshone the Teacher

He became far more powerful than Jack Kemp ever was—just not enough to stop Trump’s populist revolution.

Thomas Jefferson is America and America is Thomas Jefferson

He was the best of us, the worst of us, and the finest mind we’ve ever produced.

Emmanuel Macron: The Warmongering Voice in Trump’s Ear

Why did Trump bomb Syria? France’s tough-talking president may have had something to do with it.

A Higher Loyalty is Jim Comey’s Revenge, Served Lukewarm

The spurned FBI director is presented as everything that Trump isn’t–and that gets old, quick.

Barbara Bush: The Hand That Rocked the Cradle That Ruled the World

It’s impossible to isolate her influence from that of her family—and she herself wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Christopher Hitchens Wouldn’t Be Welcome at The Atlantic Today

Rejecting identity politics makes you persona non grata on the modern left.

Senators Offer Up Unprecedented War Powers to President

New AUMF would cement forever war and give the phrase ‘world police’ new meaning.

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Here are eight things lawmakers can do to stop America from hemorrhaging debt.

Trump: Prisoner of the War Party

Elites who didn’t vote for him are now pushing him into a war he doesn’t want to fight.

The Collapse of Manners

Winsomeness and gentlemanliness are being undermined by the online race to rage.

Moving the Swamp Out of Washington Won’t Help Flyover County

It’s an interesting idea but the European Union shows why it won’t work.

No, the FBI’s Michael Cohen Raid Did Not Violate Attorney-Client Privilege

If anything, Cohen and possibly Trump could be in a bit of a jam.

The Max Bootification of the American Right

Those who count freedom unstructured by order as their sole virtue will always yield calamity.

Is Trump Standing Down in Syria?

The next two months will determine the fate of his presidency and the future of the Middle East.

Congress’s New Sex Trafficking Bill Won’t Solve Anything

Can third-party websites be accountable for the crimes of users? The government just took a dangerous step in that direction.

Our Lazy, Decadent, Clickbait-Addled Media Industry

The real scandal isn’t Kevin Williamson’s firing, it’s the market that made him.

Chappaquiddick: No Mercy for Ted Kennedy

The new film is painful, hypnotizing, and will leave viewers longing for justice.