The Left’s Untimely Attack on the Electoral College

Our voting system is a barrier to tribalism, one we need now more than ever.

Congress Punts on Reforming the Pentagon Budget—Again

Not to mention the massive appropriations package actually harms our national security.

Immigration Puts Trump’s Legacy at Risk

A migrant caravan is headed for America’s southern border. Will Trump keep his promises or cave?

When Identity Politics Eats Its Own

In a heated D.C. election, a black female Democrat calls racism on her liberal Jewish female opponent.

What National Review Gets Wrong About Civil War

One of their writers says violence is unlikely because America is a marketplace. That’s cold comfort.

The Unhinged Elizabeth Warren

Driving his opponents to do dumb things is one of Donald Trump’s greatest talents.

Thanks to Government, That Road Sign Might Be Watching You

The DEA’s latest privacy-infringing plan is bringing mass surveillance to the streets.

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Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Goes Neocon

The president’s equivocating remarks over the defense secretary show that Bolton and Pompeo are indeed winning.

Time to Foreclose on the Churchill Cult

He’s a religious faith that no one is allowed to question without forfeiting membership in Western civilization. 

When ‘Populist’ Becomes a Slur

The term has been weaponized by hypocritical elites who want to silence opposition.

Our Politics Shouldn’t Be a UFC Fight

The final Kavanaugh hearing had the same effect as Khabib Nurmagomedov leaping out of the ring last Saturday.

When Feminism Turns on Women

The #MeToo reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been ugly—racist and, yes, sexist too.

Ted Cruz’s Long Sellout on Criminal Justice Reform

Once an innovator on this issue, he’s descended into authoritarian fearmongering.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Right-Brained Rebellion

His was a victory for righteous passion over cold authoritarian PC.

Nikki Haley: Trump’s Baghdad Bob

Her biggest problem as UN ambassador was simple: she was totally out of her depth.

The Democrats’ Little Bighorn

At last conservatives have reclaimed the Supreme Court for constitutionalism.

Partisan Warfare Will Shatter Our Constitution

A congressional majority has the power to do more than you think.