The Triumph of the Literal Mind

Art and debate cannot thrive so long as irony-proof social media simpletons are shouting down anything they don’t like.

Feasting Even During Ordinary Time

We’ve lost the cultural rhythms that come from a calendar of feasts—and the wonderful pleasures that they afford.

The Perils and Pleasures of Pauline Kael

Today marks the 100th birthday of one of our most influential film critics—whose wit and independence is becoming a lost art.

Don’t Go to College

Too many young adults emerge from universities with so little. Why not learn a trade instead?

It’s Time to Chat With the Silent Generation

Too many elderly are lonely and living alone. The young should seek out their wisdom and apply it to their own lives.

When Censorship Moves Way Beyond Alex Jones

Everyone right of center is now at risk of progressive de-platforming. Breaking up the social media monopolies may be the only solution.

Where Have All the Young Farmers Gone?

The graying of American growers is a troublesome development, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

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The Woke Dark Phoenix Crashes and Burns at the Box Office

Hollywood’s latest attempt to transform the X-Men into a progressive feminist fantasy is folly.

The Intellectual Revolution That Made the Modern Western World

Enlightenment values spurred political liberty and capitalism, but is this the end of the story?

Down, Down, Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Feel like Alice in Wonderland? Well this is the Algarchy–rule by algorithms–where no one gets out unscathed.

India’s Right to Cultural Self-Determination

Hindu revivalism has sparked fear in the West—but it shouldn’t. Here’s why.

How Italy Made Me Think About America

Italian cities are home to traditions and built environments that were established before our country even existed.

The Evelyn Waugh-Loving Band That Rebelled Against Rebellion

Vampire Weekend aren’t conservatives but their persona brilliantly demonstrates the hollowness at the center of our pop culture.

Worshipping Godzilla in an Alienated World

We have seen the despairing future, and it is us. Why not succumb to the monsters we know we are?

Forget Our Money, Big Tech Has a Monopoly On Our Minds

We now face the greatest challenge of all: the impact of algorithms on human cognition.

The Christian Case for Punishment

This is about ‘restorative justice’ and righting the balance between the powerful and powerless.

Outraged Poles Turn Against Clergy Amid Church Abuse Scandal

Whether Catholicism can survive here depends on how the leadership addresses pedophilia in its ranks.