Saying Goodbye to the Preachy #Resistance Sitcom

Murphy Brown was supposed to be a woke reboot. It ended up feeling long in the tooth.

The Cuspers Are Boomers, But With a Cultural Twist

This better explains a subset of a generation dominated by the immediate post-war kids.

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo Trial

The Irish playwright caused a firestorm in his day. Can we forgive our artists’ worst sins?

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo Trial

The Irish playwright caused a firestorm in his day. Can we forgive our artists’ worst sins?

The Decade That Made Us Who We Are

The 1990s were both perverted and predictive. Yet somehow today they’ve never felt more alien.

It Still Bleeds, But It No Longer Leads

The death of the newspaper industry is being hastened by those who want to profit off of it.

Andy Warhol: High Culture’s Surrender to Celebrity

A new exhibit unintentionally reminds us of his pathological insincerity—most of it financially activated.

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The Beam in Stanley McChrystal’s Eye

The Runaway General is back, defending transgenderism and trashing Robert E. Lee in order to avoid his own war history.

Coming Home to Thanksgiving in Trump Country

It’s a culture shock for our city slicker writer, but always worth it.

America’s First Elites

The country’s earliest ruling class embodied America, unlike today’s meritocracy, which despises it.

The Man Who Was Supposed to Be President

The media created Gary Hart, and when he offered them a scandal, they tore him right back down.

Discovering the Beauty and Modesty of Muslim Fashion

A recent exhibit in San Francisco has been well received. So why are Christians who want to cover up not afforded the same deference?

With or Without Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” is Unwatchable Nonsense

The show started as a critique of our civic virtue. It ended as an insult to our taste.

The Mad Rush to College is Killing Our Children’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

They don’t need frantic competition in elementary school; they need to be kids.

The Uniquely American Halloween

With its roots in Pagan gatherings, it’s still a holiday that brings us together.

Halloween: Finally a Really Good Movie About Evil

While it can’t quite compete with the chilling 1978 release, the reboot is a powerful film in its own right.

The Haunted Facades of Rural America

Sometimes abandoned places can be scary. What’s worse is there are more to photograph every day.