The Golden Age of Phony

Virtue signaling is a primal scream of self-righteousness.

Their Hands Have Lost Their Cunning, But Their Tongues Do Not Cleave To The Roofs Of Their Mouths

Steve Levenson’s play, If I Forget, at the Laura Pels Theater

United Blew It, but End the Passenger’s Pity Party

It was a premeditated temper tantrum gone viral.

California’s Bilingual Gamble

It’s an approach that risks cultural fragmentation in a country that’s already deeply divided.

How Many People Actually Feel ‘White Guilt’?

The efforts of the “Social Justice Warriors” don’t appear to be working, survey data show.

Does the Religious Right’s Decline Help the Alt-Right?

There isn’t a strong relationship between religious observance and racial attitudes.

Funding the Humanities

Where free markets fail, the National Endowment for the Humanities is essential for promoting art and culture that’s good for the soul.

MORE IN Culture

Where Are the NEA-Sponsored Classical Masterpieces?

Our culture must develop new conduits between money and creators.

Fat Leonard and the Decline of Military Values

The officer corps was once assumed to be above larger cultural rot. No more.

Another — Doubtless Very Different — Book Launch

An evening with Rod Dreher and some friendly critics of The Benedict Option

From Vision to Reality

The new U.S. Diplomacy Center opens in Foggy Bottom.

Stall Wars

Reasonable compromises can be reached on “gender issues”—but only at the local level.

A New Federalism

Trump’s solution to the “bathroom debate” may point the way to a truce in the culture wars.

And the Nominees Are …

Your guide to the 2017 Oscars

Must We Have a ‘Melting Pot’?

“Salad bowls” are historically common and entirely consistent with human nature.

A Profound Question Behind the Immigration Debate

What kind of country do we want our country to be?

Don’t Forget the Epic Story of World War II

A new film celebrates individual heroism, but a larger narrative of national struggle is being lost.