Social Justice Warriors Aren’t Funny

Laughter and enjoyment are out, emotional support are in, as Netflix’s latest comedy special makes clear.

A Price Tag on the American Dream

Conservatives must acknowledge that too many of the poor are staying poor, no matter how hard they work.

The Church of England Just Wants to Be Liked

It’s become a follower, not a leader, of British culture, offering flaccid ecumenicism and little more.

How Western Urban Planning Fueled War in the Middle East

Modernist buildings, zoning laws, and a disregard for local custom did more damage than we know.

Russell Kirk and the Logos

He understood what is the center of all thought, all history, all grace, all goodness, and all purpose.

Rekindling America’s Civic Liturgy

To preserve our political union, we need our own unique rituals, meals, and celebrations.

The Redemption of the Pre-Raphaelites

It has a reputation for descending into sentimental kitsch, but a revival proves this 19th century art is anything but.

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The Gritty Noir of Post-Christian France

Frederic Dard’s novels show how the world looks when the cathedral’s candlelight is snuffed out.

We Weren’t Made for Endless Work

To be fully human, we need to put down our phones for a while.

The Hollywood Child Abuse Epidemic No One Wants to Talk About

It’s time to cut to the dark heart of the child performer industry.

Why We Hyperparent, Helicopter and Heavily Manage Our Children

Look around, there is no acceptable alternative to the disappearing village.

Journalism Will Get Its Mojo Back

Its problems—from shuttered newspapers to Big Tech—are many, but the demand for information is still great.

The Movie That Captured the Banality of Suburbia

The ‘Burbs scathingly satirizes post-Cold War bored America.

Why I Stopped Reading Playboy for the Articles

Men’s magazines used to publish thought-provoking authors. Now they’ve gone over to the SJW left.

A WASP Looks for God

New England’s first families were zealously religious. Now one of their descendants struggles with his faith.

The Holy Church of CrossFit

With actual churches failing to provide community and sustenance, Millennials are turning to trendy workout classes.

Serena Williams Serves Tantrum, Scores for Identity Politics

So we excuse the rules and condemn their application—but only for certain people.