Category: Culture

The Poetry of Populism

How is it that early 20th Century writers like Eliot and Chesterton are capturing the essence of ordinary people's discontent today?
Chilton Williamson Jr. November 8, 2019

Paid Leave Might Reduce Wages: But Does that Matter?

A new study finds that this family policy may not please 'gender equality' advocates, but there's more to the story.
November 4, 2019

What John Stuart Mill Could Learn From Emily Post

And vice-versa. Neither the blind conformity she advocated, nor stubborn anti-conformity he promoted are what we need.
Alexandra Hudson November 1, 2019

Saudi Women Slowly Move Outside ‘The Cage’

American feminists must remember that the equality movement in the Kingdom is 100 years behind.
October 31, 2019

The Church Was the Hero in These Classic Horror Flicks

Hammer Films specialized in daring priests, powerful crucifixes, and satanic vampires.
Benjamin Welton October 31, 2019

Shocking the Bourgeoisie: Our Most Insufferable Cliché

Practiced by poseurs trying to be edgy, it's become the most predictable form of utter conformity today.
Jason Morgan October 30, 2019

The Catholic Church Risks Losing Its Way in the Amazon

From married priests to respecting other religious rites, the latest synod could go against fundamental traditions.
Tyler Arnold October 30, 2019

Can the Old Gods Survive Liberalism’s Furies?

R.R. Reno examines the demiurges that have shaped history, and now face threats from Silicon Valley to PC.
James Pinkerton October 30, 2019

Major League Baseball’s Worst Scandal Turns 100

'Black Sox' players agreed to throw a World Series—and tarnished the sport's image for years to come.
John Rodden and John Rossi October 28, 2019

Privileged Poor vs. Doubly Disadvantaged at Elite Schools

Poor kids who don't get a crack at high performing programs before college end up floundering.
Andre Archie October 28, 2019