When ‘Homeland’ Becomes a Politically Fraught Word

The issue of integration is keenly felt in this former East Berlin neighborhood, which four years ago bore the brunt of a million immigrants.

Don’t Kill the Umps!

If baseball wants to replace an institution with a robot, then the fans need to take their bats up and revolt.

50 Years Later, the Spirit of ’69 Feels Like a Hangover

With the death of Peter Fonda this week, ‘Easy Rider’ and its dated cultural baggage ride into the sunset.

Is the British Empire Largely Misunderstood?

A new book examines the cherry-picking involved in the modern castigation of imperialist countries.

The Perverted Face of Elite America

In our tense populist moment, Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes land like a grenade.

Civil Conversation, Your Time Has Come

You wouldn’t know it from watching the news but respectful dialogues are happening every day, right around the corner.

A Trip to Sicily With a Jersey Girl

Places like Sciacca and Calamonachi have well preserved their native culture. So why have we Americans struggled to do the same?

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Radical Indoctrination: Coming to a Public School Near You

California is out front with a diploma that requires lessons in cis-heteropatriarchy, black LGBTQIA, and hip hop resistance.

‘Did You Kill Anyone?’ Isn’t the Toughest Question

Writer and veteran Scott Beauchamp reinterprets his war service through the lens of contemporary culture.

When Free Speech Clashes With Trans Power

A library that gave space to a feminist with the ‘wrong ideas’ found out the hard way that inclusivity has its limits.

When Religious Bigotry is Repackaged as #ChristianPrivilege

The latest Twitter campaign seeks to silence those who practice the faith—and it won’t stop there.

America Was Founded on Tradition and Self-Reliance, Not Racism

The Founders’ civic character and understanding of the human condition were far more complex than Democrats give them credit for.

This Reader’s Digest Editor Was One Tough, Conservative Cookie

Bill Schulz, who died July 22, wasn’t afraid to publish articles taking down government boondoggles in America’s most accessible magazine.

Marianne Williamson is Right: America is Addicted to Antidepressant Drugs

The normally spacey Democratic candidate has opened a worthwhile discussion about how as a society we treat pain.

Fight Woke Capitalism by Eating at Chick-fil-A

Conservatives must put our money where our mouths are and support businesses that share our values.

The Anthem of Militant Americanism

The Battle Hymn of the Republic was written and embraced by righteous war makers in the service of God. No wonder it’s endured.

Fighting for the Right to Repair Our Stuff

Manufacturers are creating monopolies by preventing customers (or anyone else) from fixing their products. It’s time to end that.