Gender Neutral Bathrooms and the Middle School Girl

At the risk of upsetting prevailing sensitivities, a woman’s argument for maintaining sex-segregated spaces.

Columbus Day Still Needs to Be Defended

It’s a true national holiday, not a sop to the diversity crowd, and it’s worth celebrating.

A Former Anglican Becomes a Saint

This Sunday, Cardinal John Henry Newman will become the first Englishman born since the 1600s to be canonized.

The Last WASP in Primetime

What the 1950’s quiz show scandals can teach us about meritocracy and the elite.

Who’s Got the Country Music Blues?

This truly American genre has gotten so superficial, corporate, and debased that it’s unrecognizable from its proud origins.

Does Laughing With ‘The Joker’ Make You a Creep?

That is what the PC wags are saying today, but there are many of us who will ‘get it’ and not for the reasons you think.

Remembering Jessye Norman, Voice of a World-Weary Angel

One of the great post-war classical singers was also courageous and eminently humane.

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What Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Get About Norman F****** Rockwell

The great painter also led a messy, complicated life. But he chose not to exploit it through his art.

The WWE Legend Who Wrestles the Woke Left

Jim Cornette was once as liberal as they come, but as his side becomes more illiberal, that’s no longer enough.

The Art of the Trip

What being a kid in the back seat taught me about travel—and family life.

It’s Time to Rediscover the Power of Poetry

Memorizing it has become a lost art in the age of the iPhone, but it can still awaken us to a deeper understanding of our world.

Meeting the Transgender Moment

Coming this fall: Supreme Court battles may change the meaning of “sex” under the law.

The Comic Strip: A Gloriously American Institution

It’s been criticized as little better than the horoscope section. But there’s great wisdom in there for those willing to look.

The PC Brigade Takes Another Scalp: an SNL Comedian

In our cancel culture, comics like Shane Gillis who push the envelope and don’t virtue signal have become suspect.

When Students Melt Down Over a ‘B’

Rampant grade anxiety is a reflection of deeper American social dysfunction, with our children the biggest victims.

How Modesto Became an American Dystopia

What moral gate has broken open, allowing obvious social pathologies to fester without stigma?

I’m a Feminist Who Was Purged by the Trans Left

Because I don’t believe children should be medically malformed and that gender is just a costume and “a feeling.”