Category: Culture

Modern Art: When a Banana is Just a Banana

The man who hung fruit on the wall and called it art has been one-upped by a fellow creative.
Michael Warren Davis December 12, 2019

Why Our Society Suffers from ‘Mass Derangement’

A hierarchy of victims, tripwires everywhere, no forgiveness---it's a recipe for madness in any era.
Shane Miller December 11, 2019

Jimmy Hoffa is at the Bottom of a Pit in New Jersey

So claims a longtime crime writer and Teamsters biographer who says he warned Robert DeNiro 'The Irishman' was blarney.
Mark Perry December 10, 2019

Peter Fonda: We Got ‘Easy Rider’ Wrong, Man

The late actor disagreed that his film was about a lack of freedom in 1960s America. Quite the opposite.
Bill Kauffman December 5, 2019

‘The Irishman’ Remembers When Unions Gave Capitalism Its Ballast

The latest Scorsese film recalls when organized labor pulled Americans up, before big capital busted them down.
James Pinkerton December 4, 2019

Woke Parenting Eats Its Own

'OK Boomer': teach your children not to respect traditions and eventually they'll turn against even your watered-down ones.
Casey Chalk December 4, 2019

Gahan Wilson Stood Tall Among Subversive Cartoonists

His BS meter enabled him to slyly project the idiocy of politicians, the war state, and the elite.
James Bovard December 2, 2019

Who Heeds America’s Shadow Children?

All life is precious, but more kids are waiting for adoption and a third who age out of foster care end up homeless.
Ericka Andersen December 2, 2019

Walker Percy Ponders the Joy and Risk of Naming the World

In newly published material, the late author complains that linguists can explain lots of things about language--except meaning.
Micah Mattix December 2, 2019

Who Exactly Is The ‘Parasite’?

This new genre-bending film from South Korea delivers a sophisticated upstairs-downstairs with a macabre twist.
Eve Tushnet November 29, 2019