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Washington Post, Anti-Trump Newsletter, Steps In Poo

Mocking the newspaper's absurd characterization of ISIS chief
The Washington Post headline, as it actually appeared

A reader writes:

Has the tide just turned? Please tell me you have seen the Washington Post headline about U.S. special forces killing the leader of ISIS and referring to him as “Austere Religious Scholar”. I mean, if people don’t believe in TDS at this point, I don’t know what to say. Dude was leader of frickin’ ISIS and he becomes an “Austere Religious Scholar” when Trump has him eliminated.

This is the number one thing trending on Twitter and WashPo is getting ROASTED. I attached my favorite parodies. How can anyone take the Washington Post seriously now? I mean, every time Trump’s idiotic clown show reaches a low from which I think he cannot recover, the frickin’ media outdoes him. Trump is a buffoon, but an American newspaper deliberately attempting to conceal and deceive with such an absurd characterization of evil incarnate beats all. I laughed out loud in real life when I saw it. Would be funnier if it were not so sinister at the same time. What has gone wrong in someone’s soul that in order to deny credit to Trump, they characterize the leader of ISIS in such a bland tone?



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