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I'm in Rome this weekend for a couple of meetings. Had lunch with a priest friend today, and then went out to see the ancient Basilica of San Clemente this afternoon. I believe it's the oldest church in Rome, with its crypt foundation having served for a time as a first-century Roman house church.

Here is a spring that fed the interior of the Roman house. It is still going after 2,000 years. Who were the early Christians who lived there, and drank from this? Their faith still flows through the world today:


There is also a preserved Mithraeum (religious hall where worshipers in the cult of Mithras celebrated their rites) in the crypt. You can also pray, as I did, before the tomb of St. Cyril, who, with St. Methodius, was an Apostle to the Slavs.

I also found a great gelato shop near the Forum and had the classic pistachio-hazelnut combo. Rome, man. The Italians are so good at gelato and pizza that it's a wonder anybody else even tries.