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View From Your Christmas Table

Readers send in shots from holiday meals

That’s a lousy selfie of me with a bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo at my Cousin Andy and Cousin Nancy’s house up in Starhill. We had our annual family get-together there for the first time in two years. Lots of people marveling over how big all the kids have gotten since we last got together on Christmas Eve, 2019. That tall man in the background is 6’4″ — and is my older son, Matt.

Here’s another, much better one from a reader:

Washington, DC

Champagne and oysters — sounds like a terrific Christmas Eve!

What are y’all eating? Send pics — no faces! And remember to include the room, not just the food. Send to rod — at — amconmag — dot — com. I’ll update them throughout the next couple of days.

UPDATE: Not really a VFYT, but too good not to share: our commenter Giuseppe Scalas is with his family in Sardinia for Christmas, and are roasting the Christmas pig. The first time he sent one of these photos to me, I misread his text, and thought the savage Sardinians were roasting a Christmas wolf!


UPDATE: Now we’re talking! Here’s what came in while I was taking a long nap:

Thomasville, Georgia

The reader writes:

We started the day with mass, then prepared and distributed turkey suppers for several hundred of the poor and home-bound in our town. Then fell back to the house for our Christmas dinner: green bean casserole, sweet potato soufflé, venison shoulder roast with potatoes, carrots and shallots. Finished it off with apple pie and ice cream. I shot the deer two weeks ago at a church friend’s plantation. (Who can afford beef anymore?)


Madrid, Spain

Writes the reader:

Christmas dinner with stuffed turkey roll, salpicón de mariscos, white asparagus soufflé, ensalada Rusa, glazed onions, apple sauce, assorted Spanish cheeses and Spanish jamón, washed down with red Rioja reserva, served on Christmas ceramic tableware, hand painted by my wife.

A Bloody Mary fan in Ohio sends in this shot of his family’s tradition:


Columbus, Ohio


A Christmas card from Florida:

Orlando, Florida

The reader:

My wife and adult daughter like to bake and decided to try their hands at homemade bagels this morning. They were delicious.

I’m all about an everything bagel! Well done, ladies.
Back across the Atlantic for a very festive spread:
One more:
Mountains of Western North Carolina

That’s all I have for right now. Several of you have sent images, but forgot to tell me where you live. While I wait on clarification, please, the rest of you, remember to do so. Also, please don’t forget that VFYT is not about photographing the food alone outside of the context. Don’t point your camera down at the food; I need to see some of the table, at least, and ideally as much of the room as possible. But no faces, please!

I’ll update later. Keep ’em coming!