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Venice, Italy; Munich, Germany; Lake Lauerz, Switzerland, and Huanchacho, Peru
Venice, Italy

That was an early supper last night: cichetti (bar snacks) with Prosecco. Prosecco is a local wine in the Veneto region, so I’m drinking it with every meal. The local Prosecco is crisper and slightly more effervescent than what we get in the US. It’s very satisfying.

Then, later, here is what we had for dinner:

Venice, Italy

As you can see, I got my grilled baby octopus, as I had been dreaming of. It came atop a serving of casseroled potatoes that had been prepared with olive oil and fresh black olives. It was a new taste to me, and entirely delicious.

I had been hoping to eat like a boss here, but Matt and I find that Venice simply overwhelms us. And it’s too hot to eat much anyway. Today we went to the Divine Liturgy at San Giorgio dei Greci, then ate at a pasta place not too far away. I had spaghetti with calamari. This is not so much a VFYT as it is a shot of food. I was so hungry after the Eucharistic fast that I forgot the VFYT aesthetic for this one. Sorry:

Venice, Italy

Let’s not forget the gelato (in this case, fig and walnut):

Venice, Italy

The wi-fi at my Venice hotel is very slow, so I haven’t had the opportunity to post my final Germany VFYTs. So here they are. Here is probably the best meal of the entire trip: fish soup at Fisch Witte, in the Munich Viktualienmarkt:

Munich, Germany

If you visit Munich, you must not miss this place!

Finally, here are a couple of VFYTs I received from readers in recent days:

Lake Lauerz, Switzerland

The blueness of the lake!

Huanchacho, Peru

The reader is preparing to eat fried cuy — that is, fried guinea pig. Better him than me, is what I say.



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