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Could Adding Elise Stefanik to the Ticket Court Voters Unsure About Trump?

Veep Symposium: Elise Stefanik.

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Concord, New Hampshire

Since 2015, Stefanik, the current House Republican Conference Chair, has represented New York’s 21st District in upstate New York. Over the years, she has risen to prominence as an influential Republican and a MAGA politician.

Stefanik has been largely steadfast in her support of Trump during his presidency, although she has broken rank with MAGA Republicans in Congress several times.


One thing that may make Stefanik a likely candidate is her wide range of appeal to both moderate and MAGA voters. A college student from Stefanik’s district who spoke to TAC under condition of anonymity said, “I can say as a registered Democrat that Elise is a fan favorite in upstate NY.” He continued, “We have a sizable military base in our district, Fort Drum, and she has done amazing work to finance and upgrade the base which has a huge impact on that area…. She is super amazing about being at every event, and her staff works double time for constituency work.”

Of Stefanik’s MAGA tendencies, the student said to TAC, “Her rhetoric is very MAGA-esque, but if you look at her voting record, she’s pretty run of the mill, and actually quite moderate. But she does have the MAGA appearance…. So overall I’d say she is considered more MAGA than establishment. North Country people are MAGA so they love that she appears to be MAGA.”

Regarding a Trump-Stefanik ticket, the student said, “100%, even as a Dem and pretty strong one, I’d vote for Trump if it meant getting Elise to [be] VP. I can say that Elise does actually pull a lot of the moderate Dems in the district, so I’m not alone in this thought.”

If Trump thinks that Stefanik has the potential to bring Democrat voters over to his side while also satisfying the desires of his MAGA base, perhaps we may be looking at a Vice President Stefanik in 2025.