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Don’t Forget Robert Saylor

The public should reserve some outrage for the killing of a young man with Downs Syndrome by sheriff's deputies moonlighting as mall cops.
James Carden May 6, 2015

A Nuclear Alternative to the Iran Deal

If Cotton wants to scuttle the current negotiations, he could consider giving Tehran nukes directly.
James Carden March 16, 2015

Jeb Reinforces the Bush Family Resemblance

Far from being "his own man," the former Florida governor embraces his brother's habits and advisers.
James Carden February 27, 2015

Why Mourn King Abdullah?

Head of a brutal regime complicit in 9/11 and worldwide terror, the late Saudi ruler is unduly honored by craven Western leaders.
James Carden January 27, 2015

Will Jim Webb Be Democrats’ Anti-Hillary?

Foreign policy realists in the Democratic party will look for an alternative to Clintonian neoconservatism in 2016.
James Carden January 5, 2015

Grand Strategy Is Bunk

Theories of global power just excuse U.S. hubris.
James Carden December 3, 2014

Ukraine in the Aftermath of Maidan

One year after the first protests, Western interests and Ukrainian lives have been sacrificed at the altar of democratic idealism.
James Carden November 21, 2014

Rick Perry Gives Hawks a Blank Slate

Inexperience is a presidential qualification for those eager to dictate their own foreign policy.
James Carden October 30, 2014