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Up With The ‘Carceral State’

Child molester James 'Hannah' Tubbs reveals idiocy of liberal sentimentality when it comes to criminal justice
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This is beyond infuriating:

Here’s a link to the webpage for Bill Melugin’s story.

Liberal DA George Gascon — one of a slew of progressive district attorneys whose campaigns have been financially supported by billionaire George Soros — released a statement saying that in the wake of the Tubbs case, he is backtracking on his progressive approach to cases like this one.

Meanwhile, New York City continues to reel from criminal assaults on innocent people. Here’s Nicole Gelinas writing about the savagery unleashed on her city’s streets:

Kristal Bayron-Nieves, Michelle Go, Dorothy Clarke-Rozier, and now, Christina Yuna Lee—four women, all making their way in the big city, all murdered by strange men in the first six weeks of 2022. Over the past two years, New York City has become increasingly unsafe for everyone—men, women, and children. But an explosion of horrific male violence against women in public spaces is a particularly acute sign of the city’s failures. Textbook urban policy holds that cities thrive only when women feel safe in public spaces; no sane woman feels safe in New York right now.

Early Sunday morning, Lee, a 35-year-old producer at a digital-music firm, took a cab home to her Chinatown apartment after a night out. A stalker followed her from the curb, trapped her in her apartment, and stabbed her to death. Just a week earlier, Clarke-Rozier, 50, walking to her job at a Brooklyn supermarket, was stabbed to death by another stranger. Clarke-Rozier died just a month after Go, a 40-year-old professional at Deloitte, was pushed to death in front of a Times Square subway train. Just a week before that, on January 9 of this year, Bayron-Nieves, a 19-year-old aspiring nurse, was shot to death during her shift at a Harlem Burger King. The four killings represent an acceleration of a trend that emerged last year: Maria Ambrocio, a 58-year-old nurse, killed last October in Times Square; Than Than Htwe, 58, a garment worker, pulled to death down a set of subway steps last August. Though no woman should feel safe in the city, Asian-American females are in particular peril: Lee, Go, Ambrocio, and Htwe were all of Asian descent.

Even with New York’s City’s overall murder rate up 53 percent in two years— from 319 in 2019 to 488 last year—these murders are especially dislocating. In each case, there was nothing the victim could have done to prevent her death. There’s no excuse for any murder, but most murder victims, now as always, are men who know their killers, and many, if not most, are engaged in high-risk criminal activity. Nor does robbery appear to be the motive behind any of these recent murders, save for Bayron-Nieves’s. (Ambrocio’s killer was allegedly fleeing an earlier robbery). Even in Bayron-Nieves’s case, the alleged killer shot and killed her after she had complied with all his requests, implying an extra level of malice. It’s impossible to recall so many fatal stranger-on-stranger attacks on women in such a short time, seemingly motivated by nothing other than misogynistic and, perhaps, racial hatred. We all like to think we have some measure of control over our own public safety, but what could any of these women have done to remain alive, besides not go outside?

The same cannot be said of New York State and City, however, which could have prevented at least half of these deaths. In the latest instance, Lee’s alleged killer, 25-year-old Assamad Nash, has a disturbing criminal history. Last year, Nash allegedly punched a stranger in a subway station near the scene of Sunday’s murder so hard that the victim needed four stitches—one of four crimes for which he faced arrest in 2021. Late last year, too, he allegedly damaged or destroyed dozens of Metrocard machines at three subway stations, crimes for which he was arrested this January. These crimes aren’t minor: attacking someone with no provocation is a deeply antisocial behavior, as is wanton destruction of public property. Yet Manhattan prosecutors in both the Cy Vance era, ending last year, and Alvin Bragg era, starting this year, charged Nash only with misdemeanors, and he went free on “supervised release.” Where was the supervision? Similarly, Go’s alleged killer, 61-year-old Martial Simon, has a long history with state and city criminal-justice and mental-health bureaucracies. Five years ago, he told mental-health officials at a state hospital that he would push someone in front of a train someday, according to the New York Times—but they let him go. Ambrocio’s alleged killer, Jermaine Foster, was free on no bail after an earlier incident, having been accused of forcibly touching a stranger near Times Square a month earlier. Again, such behavior isn’t an incidental, isolated crime; it’s a sign of pathology.

Read it all. This is a sign of a society so debilitated by liberal pieties that it is unwilling to defend itself, and its most vulnerable people.

For years now, we have been informed that the United States is a “carceral state,” one that locks up a shameful number of its people — especially black men — because it is racist. This is Critical Race Theory in action: the idea that if there is a disproportionate number of people of color punished by the criminal justice system, that is prima facie evidence of racism.

It’s a lie, and a lie that is costing people their lives. It is certainly true that a wildly disproportionate number of black men are sent to prison for violent crimes. But you know what else is true? That a wildly disproportionate number of black men commit violent crimes! There are reasons for that, not least among them the collapse of the black family, but the answer to this problem cannot be going soft on crime. James/Hannah Tubbs is not black, obviously, but he still benefits from the soft-on-crime sentimentality of liberal DAs and the people who vote for them.

A society in which so many people commit criminal violence may be said to be a failed one, or at least a failing one. But you know what’s worse? A society that will not hold such criminals accountable for their crimes. If we have to double the number of prisoners, that is the price we have to pay for safety and order. Certainly we have to get these liberal DAs out of office, but we also have to purge ourselves of this maniac idea that punishing criminals is distasteful. What you tolerate, you encourage.

Do liberals think that we sent, and send, so many people to jail because we are a cruel, racist society? Yes, I think they do. Liberals have a hard time holding the anti-social responsible for their actions. We can either have a proper civilization, or we can have liberal approaches to crime. Nobody likes prisons, but what is the alternative?

In his Fox report on this Tubbs scumbag, he says Tubbs’s mocking, salacious comments about the ten-year-old girl he assaulted were so offensive that the station declines to air them. I hope he will change his mind about that. The public needs to know the kind of people who actually benefit from this crackpot liberal approach to criminal justice. It does not need to be protected from knowing the truth about the kind of evil men of which men like Hannah Tubbs are capable.

Evil is real. I don’t like “the carceral state” either, but if the alternative is a state of violent anarchy, in which violent criminals run rampant, I prefer the carceral state, and it’s not even close. If it means a disproportionate number of black men go to prison, that’s a pity, but the alternative is absolutely unacceptable. Lock these vermin up, throw away the key, and I’ll happily pay higher taxes as the cost of protecting civilization. How many more innocent people have to suffer, and even die, to protect progressive illusions about human nature?



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