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Trump Capitulates To Putin

An unimaginably disgraceful press conference
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Did you see Trump’s presser with Putin? Here, via a Toronto Star reporter, is an actual quote from it, when an American reporter asked the US president if he believes the assessment of US intelligence officials (that Russia interfered with the 2016 election), or Putin’s denial:

Granted, it was a hard question to answer, but it could have been done without much effort. However, with this pathetic response, throwing his own people under the bus, Trump basically made himself into Putin’s prison bride. What a disgusting performance, utterly devoid of self-respect and even a minimal sense of patriotism.

I think this is true:


… but that that does not take away from the fact that the actual words that came out of the President’s mouth today were disgraceful. My sympathies are with the right-wing nationalists, in general, but man, what a grotesque thing to see and hear come out of the mouth of an American president. The Democrats are going to be able to run this fall, and in 2020, on calling Trump a contemporary Neville Chamberlain.