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Trans Activists Erase Women

'They don't see the hideous, dark agenda. I didn't'
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I apologize for the crude language in this first tweet, but this whole thread is worth reading. I found it on the Twitter feed of 4th Wave Now, a politically nonpartisan group of parents and others “concerned about the medicalization of gender-atypical youth and rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).” Its great website is here.

UPDATE: I apologize — I’ve been following this stuff for a while, and forgot that most people don’t know about it. Erin Manning provides a great backgrounder:

There’s a concerted effort by some trans activists and their supporters to erase femaleness entirely as a concept. Here’s how they’re doing it:

1. Complain loudly anytime actual female stuff is talked about as involving women or girls. E.g., “Stop saying that girls menstruate and that girls have vaginas. Not all girls menstruate and some girls have penises.” (There are people throwing hissy fits over the fact that certain types of products are still called “feminine products,” etc.)

2. Relabel or erase female body parts. E.g. (as a health website recently did) the vagina is now politically incorrect; it must be referred to as the “front hole.” Breasts may not be mentioned, especially in the context of breastfeeding; the politically correct term is “chestfeeding” and some men (that is, FtM transgenders) do it too. It is a thoughtcrime to believe that only women can nurse or that “breastfeeding” is a thing.

3. Erase the notion of motherhood as having any connection to biological sex. Say, loudly, that “some men get pregnant” and complain about female-centric ob/gyns and their habits of using terms like “pregnant woman” or “expectant mother.” Use the phrase “pregnant person” to describe someone who is pregnant rather than assuming that all pregnant people are female or that they are expectant mothers. That person over there with the facial hair and the swollen belly is a pregnant man, and “he” is an “expectant father,” not a mother, so we must never refer to any pregnant person by the presumptively feminine terms which are an act of violence against transpeople.

4. Recognize that the best female athletes are those who were misgendered as “male” at birth by bigoted doctors who still believed that a penis was an indication that the child they had just delivered was a boy. Allow immediate and full access to every women’s sports club, team, and association to those who were born male, whether they have begun a transition process or not. Stop the hateful practice of excluding trans girls from girls’ sports just because they have penises, greater muscle mass, better lung capacity, and “too much” testosterone–who’s to say how much is too much for a girl who just happens to be misidentified as male?

I’d put in links, but I’m dealing with a situation with my fiction-publishing stuff (and nothing I write is anywhere near as outlandish as what’s going on in the real world these days). But you can Google the things I’ve written here and find recent news articles and other things substantiating what’s going on.

Nobody’s trying to erase maleness. Nobody’s calling for renaming the penis as something “gender-neutral,” or claiming that fatherhood has nothing to do with biology. Well, almost nobody, anyway–out on the fringes of the fringes I’m sure you can find nuts who buy that stuff. But it’s not a targeted effort like the erasure of womanhood is.