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Today’s Foreign-Affairs Roundup

News and commentary from around the web.

Here are some interesting stories relevant to foreign affairs from today, Friday, March 31:

Pakistan is no friend to America. Christine Fair lays into Pakistan’s alleged duplicity at The National Interest.

Don’t Underestimate Russia. A warning from history about the intelligence costs of not taking Russia seriously from War On The Rocks.

Israel is keeping tabs on the spread of Russian influence near its borders. As reported: “A senior Israeli source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, ‘The way that Putin pushed the United States out of the Middle East and became the dominant power in the region will be studied one day in schools of strategy.’”

India may be rethinking its nuclear doctrine. India has long followed a “no first use” nuclear rule, but may be rethinking this in light of its evolving security understanding. From The New York Times.

Saudi Arabia Pivots to Asia. The Diplomat explores King Salman’s recent trip to his east, perhaps fueled by doubts over the relations between the Kingdom and the United States.



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