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The Forever Race-Narrative War

White cop saves life of black female about to be stabbed by black teenager. Of course, it's RACISM!
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Here we go again:

An Ohio police officer shot and killed a teenage girl Tuesday as she attacked two other people with what appeared to be a knife in east Columbus, body camera footage released just hours after the fatal shooting shows.

Police were called to the scene around 4:30 p.m. on a report of someone attempting to stab others at a home.

As soon as police pulled up, a young female can be seen tackling another female to the ground with what appeared to be a knife in her hand. The girl can then be seen charging at another nearby female while raising the apparent knife in the air, at which point the officer fired multiple shots, fatally wounding the attacker.

From a report about Ma’Khia Bryant’s death:

‘She was a good kid. She was loving,’ Hazel Bryant, the girl’s aunt, told reporters on the street. ‘She was 15 years old. She didn’t deserve to die like a dog in the street.’

This good, loving kid had a knife in her hand, raised to stab a girl!

From the scene yesterday:

The New York Times reports:

Rayshawn Whiting said in an interview on Tuesday night that he was at his brother’s house just a few blocks away from where the shooting took place to watch the Chauvin verdict when he heard gunshots. When he saw on social media what was going on, he walked down the street to join the throng of protesters who reached between 150 and 200 people at their peak.

“I’ve got daughters,” he said. “And I’m tired of it. I feel like a polar bear with the ice caps melting. We have nowhere to run. If we protect ourselves, we go to jail. If we don’t, we die.”


Chris Roberts said in an interview that he was in his backyard with his twin daughters when he heard the gunshots from just a few yards away. He said they ran in the house and called 911. Since the shooting, he said, his daughters did not want to be alone.

“How do I teach my daughters when you call for help, and you expect help to come, you could be on the other side of the gun?” he said.

Somebody else’s daughter was at the point of Ma’Khia Bryant’s knife — and that white cop saved her life! But let’s not let facts get in the way of the Narrative.

Today the White House press secretary strongly implied that the shooting — which likely saved the life of the woman the dead teenager was trying to stab — was evidence of systemic racism. Listen for yourself:

This Obama big has weighed in to blame police racism:

What in the hell would Valerie Jarrett have had the officer do? Watch the video: the Bryant girl is on the verge of stabbing the other girl. I guess knife-wielding attackers, if they’re black, have the right to choose how the police intervene to stop their stabbing.

Ma’Khia’s mother says the dead girl was motherly, and “promoted peace.” Yeah, at the point of a knife:

A reader sent the photo in at the very top of this post, from the police body cam, and said it tells you everything you need to know about this situation. He wrote:

The headlines are so messed up. “Cop shoots 15 year old girl”. Bullsh*t. “Cop saves life of teen from attacker with knife”.

Also if you happen to watch the body cam video you’ll see that the same man who yells “She’s just a kid, why’d you have to shoot her?” is the same man who seconds earlier kicked the first stab victim in the head as they tried to get up. You can see him winding up for the kick in that image.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be a cop these days.

Another reader e-mails:

Rod, this is getting ridiculous. An out of control black teenager, a girl, viciously attacks a woman in pink and tries to stab her with a knife. It happens right in front of the cop and is captured on the bodycam.

Everyone in the world can watch the video. Look at the second video at about the 51 second mark. There is no question but that Bryant is holding a knife. There is no question that she is attacking the woman in pink (a black woman fwiw) and there is no question but that she is trying to stab her.

Bryant was shot in the middle of attempted murder. So what? That is a righteous kill. An evildoer was killed, another’s life was saved. I’m so sick of all this crime-loving nonsense. Violent people who behave like barbarians have no place in our society–and yet look what our elites are doing, they are making excuses for barbarity and savagery. It is sad she died in the sense that a human life was lost, but her blood is on her own hands–it is not regrettable from the perspective of justice, justice was served in as much as it can be in our human realm. Open and shut. Anyone who denies this is lost. But maybe that’s where we are at, we might just be a generation so warped and mutilated that we aren’t fit to survive as a society. We hate order, we hate authority, we hate justice, we hate punishment, we celebrate wickedness, valorize evil, we revel in lawlessness.

Now look at the way the black bystanders react. I mean, these people are so warped that they are not capable of perceiving reality. I realize that sounds racist, but man, what are we supposed to say? These people are irrational and incapable of interpreting events in front of their eyes. They cannot see that a lawless murder was stopped, they call it racist! Would they have rather the cop just watched as Bryant cut a woman to pieces? Would a savage thug like that respond to cops asking please?

What a country we have become. Truth doesn’t matter. You can even have it on camera, and the Left is so committed to its malevolent narrative that it denies what is obvious.



UPDATE.2: Oh my God. A reader writes:

I’ve attached a screenshot of a tweet by the now-utterly-deplorable Lebron James. He’s since deleted, which is surprising, given that he’s not likely to suffer any consequences for it, either way. Perhaps the man has a conscience… or is he a coward?

[I blanked out the Columbus police officer’s face — RD]

The Left and the revolutionaries have become totally unhinged in the wake of yesterday’s verdict, proving that they view it not as evidence that the system is just, but that it’s actually unjust and they have to go on the offensive now. They’re going on the offensive by justifying an attempted stabbing as just teenagers roughhousing. We’re not too far off from them justifying gun violence (unthinkable, I know) as just part and parcel of life in the Black community.

I don’t know if a race war is what lies up ahead. I can’t imagine it, since so many Whites are on the side of Blacks and are, in fact, leading the revolution. But I do know that we’re seeing the accelerating breakdown of law and order in this society and it will get worse quickly and for a long time. My hope is that the police, in fact, go on strike, because there’s no point in helping those who don’t want to be helped.

An extremely wealthy professional athlete, a man who lives in a gated community, called for retribution against a white police officer who likely saved the life of a black female who was about to be stabbed by another black female. He will suffer nothing for what he has done to this cop. Because we are a sick and degraded society.

UPDATE.3: Here’s the latest New York Times story on the situation. 

They have criminal experts review the bodycam footage, and say:

Two experts who reviewed the body camera footage said that in this case, the officer’s use of force appeared at first glance to be justified.

Geoffrey P. Alpert, a professor of criminology at the University of South Carolina, said investigators would look at whether the officer believed that there was an imminent threat to the life of the other woman.

If there was an immediate threat, investigators will look at whether the officer could have resorted to other methods of control, he said. Dr. Alpert said that based on his own review, Ms. Bryant did appear to pose a threat to the life of the other woman.

“Were there other options? Not if she was about to stab that woman,” Dr. Alpert said, adding that a Taser could take too long to deploy, and that the less-than-lethal weapons are not 100 percent reliable. “He’s protecting her life, not his own,” he said. “What if it didn’t work and she ended up killing this woman?”

But that’s not how the neighborhood sees it:

Still, Ms. Bryant’s family and activists across Columbus questioned why the officer shot Ms. Bryant.

“I don’t know why he shot her,” Ms. Moore, Ms. Bryant’s foster parent, said. “I don’t know why he didn’t Tase her, why they didn’t try to break it up.”

Tase? Break it up? Come on! It is perfectly clear on the bodycam footage — which the Times has embedded and annotated in the story — that Bryant, knife in hand, was lunging at the woman in pink when the officer shot her:

As John Podhoretz points out, everything played out in front of the officer in nine seconds. The time from Bryant drawing her arm back with knife in hand as she lunged at the woman in pink to the moment when the cop fired his weapon? One second.

But it’s the fault of the police, according to the Bryant family:

Ms. Bryant’s family expressed dismay and outrage at her death, and described Ms. Bryant as sweet and caring. They said she should still be alive.

“This could have been de-escalated by the Columbus Police Department,” Don Bryant, a cousin of Ms. Bryant’s mother, said. “There are things you can do to avoid pulling out your gun and shooting someone. I question the use of force.”

It’s the fault of the police, according to a local BLM leader:

Activists who spent Tuesday demonstrating at the scene of the shooting marched on late Wednesday afternoon toward Police Headquarters, and said they planned to demand answers and accountability.

“They didn’t de-escalate the situation,” said DeJuan Sharp, an organizer with a local Black Lives Matter group called the Downtownerz. “I don’t know why the gun was the first thing for him to use.”

Do you know why sweet, caring Ma’Khia Bryant was attacking people with a knife? The Times:

Ms. Moore said that she was at work during the shooting, but that she believed the fight began over an argument about housekeeping. She said one of her former foster children had visited the home on Tuesday and criticized Ms. Bryant and her sister for having messy bedrooms.

“That’s where the problem came,” Ms. Moore said. “I didn’t know they had called the police.”

This kid tried to stab people because someone insulted her for not making her bed. And now she’s dead. But it’s the cop’s fault, see. I don’t know how whiteness made Ma’Khia Bryant set out to stab those girls, but I’m sure the media and activists will tell us. Black Lives Matter is already blaming systemic racism (like White House spokesman Jen Psaki):



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