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The Elite Class Who Hates Life

Letter from a reader who knows the 'educated Red Guard class' driving America to the brink
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See that image above? I got it from, I kid you not, Walmart.com (see here!) This is a post about the kind of people who put that sign in their yard.

A reader whom I know personally, and who knows what she's talking about, writes:


Your recent post about The Woke Tipping Point caught my eye, as it is something we've been wondering about quite a bit. I have a lot to say on it, but to boil it down there is one thing in particular which really makes me doubt we're anywhere near it: the rising anti-natalism of the educated "Red Guard" classes. 

We recently hosted a much-loved houseguest who is part of the international NGO missionary class. But the way opinions are shared has changed. Now they handed down as edicts with a contempt and self-assurance they never were even ten years ago. The declaration that women everywhere must be liberated from "family values" was astounding, something this person would never have voiced 15 years ago. The colonizing mindset was disturbing, as this person is working in communities that apparently they fundamentally despise. 

Indeed, this Gen X late 40s individual was profoundly disdainful of anything related to belonging. Marriage and relationships had been totally deconstructed and are now completely transactional. Some of the things they said shocked me to the core. This was a fairly "normal" individual with the usual aspirations of family and children decades ago. Now they are completely caught up in the language of power and identity as a substitute for a life which they were ill-equipped to build.  

One correspondent to you noted homeowners taking down BLM signs. But take a look at the recently arrested Antifa activists and their sympathizers (and once more I think of at a dozen people under 50 I know): middle class to millionaires, usually caucasian, multi-degreed, and... childless. This is a rapidly growing class of people lacking a sense of home, no community, few actual physical skills, and gains all their meaning and purpose via activism. That's their identity. They have no children to reframe their passions, but do have the time and means to occupy the positions which set the international cultural language for the raising of children. 

The members of this group are profoundly lost. I've watched this process over and over. There are many reasons they fell into this trap. The inability to build lasting relationships; lifelong propaganda; an emotional need to be the "Head Girl or Boy" who gleefully seizes the chance to micromanage all the people who failed to see their early brilliance; 20s escapism into drug and booze followed by woke-Puritan repentance in the form of destroying everything before Year Zero; the reasons are countless. Our post-WWII culture of pseudo-neutrality cannot give people a reason to live let alone have children. It can only teach them to be afraid, defer to experts, and consume. The good students of mass culture have learned their lessons and are now responding by paradoxically wanting to burn it all down while centralizing more power in the very institutions which taught them not to hope in the first place. 

So the signs may come down, but something else will take their place. This crisis is only getting started. The work is deeper than even being able to define a man or a woman: it is about being able to understand why human life is worthwhile.