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The British State Is Complicit in Climate Vandalism

State of the Union: The Tories deserve the electoral massacre that is coming for them.
Just Stop Oil Vandalism
Credit: Martin Pope/Getty Images

Another day, another news item about climate fanatics damaging or destroying something priceless. This morning, Just Stop Oil protesters covered Stonehenge with orange powder paint. The Wiltshire police arrested two people on charges of vandalism, but everyone knows that they’ll be out by midnight and will be let off by a lenient judge. 

Everyone is redpilled someday for some reason or another. For me, the hard-to-swallow conclusion was realizing that the British state (and in some cases, their American Democratic counterparts) turns a blind eye to this vandalism. My one true source of anger has always been vandalism of historic or cultural patrimony—enough to turn me to the proverbial ancient mariner, mouth frothy and fingers shaking with unutterable wrath, unable to express emotions in clear coherent words. It feels personal—and of course to some extent it is futile to keep saying or writing about the same things—but someone has to chronicle for the record keepers. 


The British state is complicit. Else they would have used state power to hack the phones of the organizers of such destruction, made their families pay millions for protection and upkeep of destroyed or damaged art, and jailed the ringleaders of the movement. They have not. They would rather use the vaunted secret agencies towards saving Ukrainian churches from Russian missiles. 

The Conservative party does not care about Britain. Nothing happened in the last 14 years to end the laxity of law and order, judicial activism, and the NGO activism complex, or to enact laws that would deter such criminality. 

That does not mean that the Labour party will be any better; perhaps they will be worse. But at least one expects Labour to be cultural vandals anyway. The Tories bring the added pain of betrayal with them. 

The reality is that it is the Conservatives who carried through the destruction of British law and order. As Zewditu Gebreyohanes wrote

It is under the Conservatives leadership that the long march through the institutions has accelerated. Divisive EDI strategies, so-called 'anti-racism taskforces' and decolonisation projects have been prioritised…. There has been a policy of managed decline, with many institutions claiming to have insufficient resources to carry out their core purposes even as they waste charitable and public funds on initiatives of tangential, and at times non-existent, relevance. Bias has proliferated as long-standing subject experts have been replaced in curatorial and researcher roles with fresh graduates, some of whom are lacking in necessary experience and qualifications. Only occasionally has the Conservative party shown an interest in this trend.

It is not just impotence. It is a managed decline, a tacit approval towards cultural destruction. 

At least one edifice cannot be conserved, nor should it be. The British Conservatives deserve the electoral massacre that is coming. They are despicable and, from their utter destruction, may a real reactionary force rise.