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Texas for Trump

State of the Union: The Lonestar State resoundingly chose Donald Trump over Nikki Haley this Super Tuesday.
Former President Trump Holds Event In South Carolina To Announce His Presidential Campaign Leadership Team For SC
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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The former President Donald Trump continued his journey to the Republican presidential nomination with an exceptional victory on March 5 in the Texas Republican primary. 


Trump pulled 77 percent to the runner-up Nikki Haley’s 18 percent. This is just the latest in an impressive series of primary and caucus wins the former president has achieved this Super Tuesday.

In 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas won the Texas Republican primary by 43 percent, with Trump coming in at just under 27 percent. Sen. Cruz also won the 2024 Texas Republican Senate primary with over 88 percent of the vote. Democrats are seeking to flip this seat in November.

Trump visited Texas on Thursday last week to go to the border alongside Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The former president has made immigration a focal point of his campaign, as he did in 2016. This time around, he is reportedly considering implementing even stricter immigration policies to compensate for the Biden administration’s reluctance to enforce border security over the past several years.

President Joe Biden also won his contest in Texas with over 86 percent of the Democratic primary vote.


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