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Now more than ever, 'Main Street' conservatism is the path forward.
Support TAC’s Spring Campaign

When our magazine was founded in 2002, it was an anxious and uncertain time in our country. The 9/11 terrorist attacks weighed heavily on the national psyche, and drove nearly every political decision. Of course, you know what happened next: a seemingly endless nation-building exercise in Afghanistan and a disastrous war in Iraq. TAC was a lonely voice of sanity in the midst of a time of crisis.

Nearly two decades later, we find ourselves faced with a different challenge—but the mood in the country is similar. People are anxious. Everyday routines are disrupted. Travel has all but stopped.

The coronavirus pandemic is a trying time for the whole world. But you can be sure that The American Conservative will remain the voice of sanity that we’ve always been. We’ll take seriously the threat this virus poses to the health of the American people. And we’ll continue to stand with Main Street Americans who are enduring not only the health threat, but the brunt of the economic effects as well.

Just look at our coverage over the past week. We’ve published must-read reporting from Barbara Boland and Curt Mills holding China to account for their part in the pandemic—and balancing realism and restraint in our response to it. Matt Purple painted a foreboding picture of the service industry post-shutdown, warning of “a wave of consolidation that favors the mediocre TGI Fridays of the world.” Arthur Bloom offered an empirical look at what actually needs to happen to lift the quarantine. And of course, Rod Dreher’s blog continues to offer fascinating quarantine dispatches from around the country in the latest Pandemic Diaries.

Nowhere else will you find this type of COVID-19 coverage that puts Main Street America first—but none of this would be possible without you, our readers. Our movement to recapture the flag of conservatism really is a grassroots effort. 92% of our annual revenue comes from donations.

If you haven’t already, please consider joining our Spring Campaign in support of The American Conservative.

Thanks to you, our web traffic is the highest it’s ever been.  We’re reaching record numbers with our principles in this current crisis—from realism & restraint in foreign affairs, to the threat of Wall Street-favoring cronyism, to the virus’s effect on the future of faith—but we can’t do it alone.

Now more than ever, TAC’s conservatism is the path forward. As the coronavirus crisis reveals, our elites have spent decades outsourcing vital supply chains to China and wasting billions on failed nation-building efforts in the Middle East. TAC has always been the voice of Main Street Americans against the globalist agenda–and we won’t stop now.

From our founding, The American Conservative has provided the smartest commentary challenging the status quo. Now, we’ll continue to lead in this effort for a humane reply to COVID-19—one that cherishes human life, builds civil society, and promotes the common good. Please join us in this vital work by making a one-time gift here, or by becoming a sustaining monthly member with a gift of just $5, $10, $20 per month here. Thank you for your support!



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