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Super Tuesday: Trump Wins MA

State of the Union: Does Biden have an “uncommitted” problem?
Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Conway, South Carolina

This is a developing story.

The former President Donald Trump continued his juggernaut-like career toward the Republican presidential nomination with a decisive performance in the Massachusetts, his fourth Super Tuesday victory. The Associated Press called the race just before 9 p.m. Eastern, with 2 percent of the vote counted. At that time, Trump was hovering around 60 percent.


Nikki Haley pulled most of the remainder, around 35 percent as of the AP’s call.

President Joe Biden was also set to win his contest, with 79 percent of the Democratic primary vote with 4 percent in. Thirteen percent, however, cast their ballots for “uncommitted,” possibly a warning sign for the incumbent after a large protest vote in the February 26 Michigan primary saw 13 percent of voters choose “uncommitted.”


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