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Super Tuesday: Alaska Finally Joins the Trump Club

State of the Union: Trump claims victory in the Last Frontier.

Credit: a katz

The former President Donald Trump continued his steady march to the Republican presidential nomination with a commanding victory on Super Tuesday (or Wednesday on the East Coast) in the Alaska Republican primary. 

Trump pulled 88 percent to the runner-up Nikki Haley’s 12 percent.

Back in 2016, the state went for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the primary rather than Trump.

This time around, Alaska was expected to lean heavily in favor of the former president. However, the landscape of the state, particularly in Western Alaska, and the often extensive off-road distances between polling sites may have affected overall voter turnout.

The Democrats will conduct a party-run mail primary ending on April 6 and expect to report results on the evening of April 7. 


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