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Podcast: Empire Has No Clothes, Episode 7: Where West Point Went Wrong

TAC talks with author Tim Bakken who exposes a corrupt admissions process, mediocre academics, and failing culture.

This week on Empire Has No Clothes, TAC‘s podcast about foreign policy, we talk with Tim Bakken,  author of The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris and Failure in the U.S. Military. He blows the whistle on the school’s deceptive admissions process, its “superior standards,” and how all of the U.S. military academies are cultivating cadets who cannot think for themselves. He also talks about how the military culture is broken, and how it’s affecting our ability to fight wars effectively. Kelley, Dan, and I also discuss the revolt among the generals over Donald Trump’s threats to deploy the military on American soil.

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