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Spanish Left Vs. Parents

Spain's left-wing government colonizes children for sex and gender ideology

A reader in Spain writes:

Spain now has a far left coalition comprised of the socialist party, PSOE, and communist party, Podemos (along with Catalan and Basque separatists). PSOE used to be considered social democratic like you’d find across Europe, but under this administration they are going well to the left.

They’ve been in office less than a week and are going after all the SJW issues such as gender or language (yes, even in Spanish they are changing words to better reflect gender), etc.
Check out this article on how they are now attacking parents constitutional right to choose education. That’s some real totalitarian stuff there. They are trying to eliminate the right of parents in Murcia to be informed and/or maintain the right to opt out of extra curricular activities that don’t pertain to the core curriculum (maths, sciences, language etc). These extra activities generally focus on gender, sexuality, etc. Vox [a populist political party — RD] passed a “parental pin” last year that further protected this parental right, but now the authoritarians are going after it, literally saying it’s the state that chooses how to educate their kids, not parents. Just one example, but there are so many over the last week.
I ran the article through Google Translate. It says, in part (emphases in the original):
The “parental pin” is an initiative promoted by Vox and that has allowed the Murcia coalition government formed by PP and Citizens to unlock the 2020 budgets. This is a request for express authorization from the parents of a student, so that the student can participate in activities organized by the school, when they have content that affects moral, sexual or conscience issues. These activities are framed within the school schedule — that is, they are mandatory. Therefore, those who defend the pin say that parents have the right to be informed and to be able to show their reasoned disagreement.
The Education minister is quoted in the story as saying, “We cannot think that children belong to parents.”
There you have it. This is totalitarian progressivism, right there: claiming the right to take children from their parents and educate them in left-wing ideology, especially on sex and gender. A year ago, I told you about what the far left is doing in the province of Navarra: forcing gender ideology onto students. Here’s the ideology that the Navarra government wants to force on all schools, even Catholic schools:

To make visible the diversity of bodies, all of them sexed and valued. Reflection on images of different sexual persons in masculine and/or feminine, different ages, cultures, functional diversity … Recognition of child sexuality from birth by decriminalizing the recognition and experience of this sexuality at school and in the family (sexual vigilance, erotic games, etc.).

I have not the slightest doubt that if the Left could do all this here in the US, they would. I don’t know, maybe it’s already happening in New York and California.
Don’t be naive about this stuff. The radical left has always hated the traditional family. Reading histories of the Bolshevik revolution, it’s stunning how berserk these people were about how intolerable the family was. They get this from Marx, of course. A reader sent this piece from Commune, a slick new communist magazine: “Six Steps To Abolish The Family.” Excerpts:


As new communist production begins in factories and farms, family abolition can take root in permanent communes of collective social reproduction. Each commune could be home to around two hundred people. The protest kitchen becomes a permanent canteen where everyone in the area cooks and eats their meals. The medic’s tent becomes a center for all regular medical care. The assembly square becomes a meeting space for democratic administration of the commune. Bad drumming circles become places where people record music or make art. Childcare areas become crèches where children can learn and grow together over years. Private groups of bedrooms are still available for people that want to form intimate family-like units or live with their kids, but most of life takes place in shared collective space. The old, atomized single-family homes dependent on constant car use and individual consumption are ended. On this basis, humanity can collectively address climate change.



Through the commune, offer a better world for children.

As neighbor and friend, in a world where the nuclear family no longer disposes of the lives of children, everyone is called upon to creatively and collectively intervene into abusive parental relationships. Through the commune, a parent or child not dependent on the family can opt-out of a messed-up dynamic when it isn’t working, knowing everyone will be cared for. No one is bound together violently any longer. New forms of gender freedom and human flourishing not available in the limited, truncated form of the nuclear family become possible. If you’ve reached this step, you have succeeded in abolishing the family. You have freed queer love and feminist care to create a basis for human flourishing.

You laugh, but those people are deadly serious. And in Spain, people who are not far from them ideologically are in power.

Keep in mind that the Vox party, the one arguing that Spanish parents should have a say in whether or not their kids are indoctrinated with gender ideology in school, is routinely denounced by Western media as “far right.” This is one example of why you can’t trust media reporting on the European Right.



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