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They’re Coming After Churches Next

Prominent BLM activist calls for destruction of 'white Jesus'
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The Episcopal Church — this Washington DC parish in particular — is super liberal. That’s not good enough — these leftist, racist vandals went after it anyway (even though the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church is a black man):

Meanwhile, Shaun King, a prominent black activist, former pastor, and current Harvard University writer in residence says the movement should go after churches:

This evening, a mob tried to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House. Andrew Jackson is the founder of the modern Democratic Party.

The police saved the statue:

Enough. We have had enough. This mob violence against the public, and against our democracy, has to end, or it has to be ended by the police.

UPDATE: I would just like to point out that commissioning an op-ed by a Republican US senator is a firing offense at The New York Times, but proudly claiming that the newspaper’s signature project is the motivation behind rioting mobs desecrating American symbol? Hey, no problem!

UPDATE.2: I don’t know for how much longer they’re going to let Tucker Carlson speak the truth. You know that he has lost all major advertisers, right? This, even though he has the most popular program on cable news. Pay close attention to what he’s saying here. I fear you won’t be able to hear things like this for much longer:



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