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Sex Ed In Kindergarten?

It's coming. Experts say kids need it -- and a startling number of American adults agree

This, from The Atlantic, is one reason why the morally sane will end up having to withdraw from this culture:

Both educators believe that children would be better off with a more comprehensive understanding of sexuality, beyond just the issue of consent—one most effectively taught at a younger age as part of a larger curriculum that includes teachings on boundaries, personal autonomy, relationships, and other aspects of sexual health. This attitude reflects a growing movement among sexuality organizations and educators to advocate for comprehensive sex-education programs that begin as early as kindergarten [emphasis mine — RD], to provide students with age-appropriate and medically accurate information that acts as a foundation for later lessons on consent.


Most parents seem to agree that such an educational structure makes sense. A number of studies show widespread parental support for comprehensive sex ed, including one from 2014 finding that the majority of parents in the U.S. support the teaching of human anatomy and reproductive information, gender and sexual-orientation issues, and more starting in elementary school. A full 40 percent of parents supported comprehensive sexuality education in general.

Before cranky readers start griping, yes, we have done and are continuing to do age-appropriate, biologically accurate, morally informed sex education with our kids. They are learning about these things from their parents, within a Christian moral framework. We don’t believe in avoiding the topic, or euphemizing it, or giving the kids the idea that sex is some weird thing to be ashamed of. But I do not trust public schools in this post-Christian society to do it right.

The fact that we are even talking about sex ed for kindergartners is, well, morally insane.

[Note to readers: Today is Good Friday — also known as Holy Friday — for Orthodox Christians, so I will be off the blog. That means I won’t be approving blog comments, or writing new entries. This entry, and all others that will appear today, was written on Thursday night and scheduled to publish today. I will approve the day’s comments on Saturday. Thanks for your patience. — RD]



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