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Seattle Suicide

Looks like the city's progressive government really is going to abolish the police force

In true progressive form, the City of Minneapolis, which has decided that it doesn’t need the police, is now advising its citizens how to surrender more effectively to criminals:

Meanwhile, Minneapolis citizen groups are having to do the work of protecting their neighborhoods from criminals. 

I moved to New York City in 1998. It was fascinating to be a newcomer to the city and to hear native New Yorkers talking about the bad old pre-Giuliani days, when the city seemed ungovernable. The city had learned its lesson, they would say, and would never go back to what it once was. Well.

On the Left Coast, looks like the city of Seattle really is going to abolish its police department. Christopher Rufo reports:

The Seattle City Council is moving to abolish the entire Seattle Police Department and replace it with a “civilian led Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention.”

In the proposed legislation, the council argues that the Seattle Police Department “[perpetuates] racism and violence” and upholds “white supremacy culture.”

The council endorses the “Decriminalize Seattle” agenda that would replace the police force with:
–”Culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections”
–”Housing, food security, and other basic needs”
–”Trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis”

And finally, the plan demands that the City conduct an “immediate transfer of underutilized public land for BIPOC community ownership”—in essence, the redistribution of land, which is a hallmark of Marxist regimes.

This is madness. If Seattle moves forward with its plan to abolish the police and permanently close the region’s largest jail, it will lead to the immediate collapse of public order. But for now, the political class is following the mob.

The left-wing lunatics really are in charge of the city’s government. Look at these other documents someone linked to Rufo. Excerpts:

Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights has developed a “race and social justice” curriculum for all 10,000 city employees.

I’ve obtained new documents from the city’s segregated “whites-only” trainings, which induct white employees into the cult of critical race theory.

The trainers require white employees to examine their “relationships with white supremacy, racism, and whiteness” and explain how their “[families] benefit economically from the system of white supremacy even as it directly and violently harms Black people.”

Under the banner of “antiracism,” Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights is now explicitly endorsing principles of segregationism, group-based guilt, and race essentialism—ugly concepts that should have been left behind a century ago.

Rufo has screenshots of the documents and Powerpoint slides of this racist anti-white insanity. For example:

The reader who passed the Seattle news on comments:

I guess at this point, I want them to hurry up and do it. We can sacrifice Seattle so liberals all over the country can see what a disaster this is and in the long run we’ll all be better off. If Seattle actually goes through with this, we are going to see a complete collapse. I mean epic. When people and businesses start fleeing and property values plummet, Seattle might make Detroit look like a healthy city.

Can it really be that the people of Seattle want this?

UPDATE: For more details of the anti-white training the Seattle city government is inflicting on white employees, check out Christopher Rufo’s Twitter feed. 



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