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School Helped Trans Cult Steal Her Daughter

Exasperated mother doesn't know where to turn for help

A reader writes:

I want to thank you for your articles on the transgender issue. As you can see by the subject line, this is something I am dealing with daily. I agree with you that there is so much detrimental influence on teenagers and children to express themselves in this way, it is completely overwhelming. It is not only overwhelming to the child, but to the parent as well. The nightmare of the situation is that the people you are supposed to trust; teachers counselors, administrators, will do nothing to inform you about what your child is doing while he or she is at school. Not only that, but they are encouraging and promoting this whole phenomenon. By the time I got a hint of what was going on with my daughter, I could do nothing to stop it. My daughter lives in a fantasy land of her own creation and the school’s continual nurturing. The advice I received from the school was to become a member of PFLAG or other similar groups so I could support my child and her decision.

I refuse to do this. My daughter is a girl. She acts like a girl when she is not consciously doing her boy act. I was very relieved to see in your article that were other parents out there who felt as I do, because according to the media, all parents should support their child’s decision to express themselves how they truly are. Case in point, the tv show ” I Am Jazz”. There is almost nothing to the contrary and I have felt very isolated.

My question to you is, in your research, have you found any groups for parents like me? Parents who refuse to give in to all of the lies? If you have would you please reply to me and send me their link or email address? I would be very grateful for support from other like parents in this very difficult time.

Readers, if you can help her, please post the information in the comments section, or send an e-mail to me (rod — at — amconmag — dot — com) that I can pass on to her.

In this heartbreaking and infuriating piece, a woman named Emily writes about how gender ideology activists and pusillanimous school administrators destroyed the charter school her kids attended. The camel’s nose is always “we have to do everything possible to stop bullying.” Excerpt:

With heavy heart, I too, pulled my children out of this school. This is the grade school that all of my children attended for the last thirteen years. We enrolled our oldest the first year the school was in operation and have made many decisions for our family based on our commitment to it. Our family is now struggling to pay private school tuition for seven children and will be doing so for the next 12 or more years. And we’re not the only family to walk away; many others have decided not to return for the upcoming school year. Applications to the school dropped precipitously for the first time in its history. The distrust runs deep and the school will be forever changed.

Of course, the entire US public school system is now facing the same gender ideology push we did last year. Obama’s transgender directive was delivered to every public school in the nation last May and ensures that this battle will play out many times over in the 2016-17 school year. Though I understand that our school was put in a difficult position and sympathize with that, ultimately I’m disappointed with their choices. Public schools have a duty to maintain a welcoming environment, which requires neutrality on some issues. An even more basic duty that was ignored by our school was to simple scientific facts and data. How ridiculous it was to hear our high school science teacher argue that biological sex is a subjective concept!

This experience has changed my life and I have committed myself to speaking out against gender ideology wherever I see it, but especially when it puts women, girls and students in danger. Going forward, I refuse to be intimidated and my resolve to speak the truth has only grown as the proponents of this lie act more and more boldly. I hope parents across this country will join me in defending our children against policies that subject them to harmful ideas and dangerous situations. Your child’s body and soul are at stake – Do not be afraid!

Note this part especially:

Students in the school were not immune to what was happening. Multiple kindergartners were pulled out of the school due to the confusion (and even trauma) they experienced from watching a boy “transform” into a girl. Five-year-old children know there are differences between boys and girls and this was beyond their ability to comprehend. Parents reported that their kindergartners were asking if they could grow up to become the opposite sex. The high school saw similar confusion. Two girls spoke out at a board meeting, claiming to be gender non-conforming. The GSA club focused its efforts exclusively on the transgender issue and papered the walls of the high school with signs stating that “Sex Does Not Equal Gender.” There was much discussion at lunch and on the playground of the transgender issue, even among the younger children. My fourth-grader chose not to talk about it all after he determined he was in disagreement with most of his friends. Parents started wearing bright purple buttons to school every day indicating their support of gender ideology. They were impossible to miss and prompted questions from many of the students.

Don’t think it’s not eventually coming to your school. And then?