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Russia: Possible ‘Fatal Consequences’ for Allowing Ukrainian Strikes in Russia

State of the Union: The Russian Deputy Minister Ryabkov also warns about striking early-warning radar systems.
Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images

On the heels of the Biden administration’s decision to allow Ukrainian strikes into Russia using American-built arms, Sergei Ryabkov, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia responded that the Biden administration’s move may have “fatal consequences.”

He elaborated that the leaders of the Biden administration, “for unknown reasons, underestimate the seriousness of the rebuff they may receive”


Ryabkov also spoke about the recent Ukrainian attempts to strike Russia’s early-warning radar systems, stating that Russia may respond asymmetrically to them and that they would be stopped.  The Biden administration’s decision has come under fire both at home and abroad. Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) lambasted Biden’s decision as an “America Last escalation.” It was reported Monday that Rumen Radev, the president of Bulgaria (a NATO member), criticized the Biden administration for violating a Western red line and escalating the conflict.