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What’s New, Pussyhat?

Progressive milliners to the masses prepare for the Crusade For Vaginal Dignity

Progressive activists once again display their unerring instinct for knowing how to galvanize mass support:

The Women’s March on Washington now has an unofficial uniform: a pink, knitted hat shaped to look like two pointy cat ears. Two California-based women and the knitting instructor who designed the hat have released the pattern for free online. They’re calling them “pussyhats.”

The Pussyhat Project, launched in November, aims to get people all over the country to knit hats for marchers to wear for the demonstration, which is set to take place Jan. 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Founders Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman, a screenwriter and architect, respectively, are encouraging crafters to make one or multiple copies of the simple rectangular “Pussy Power Hat” design and either bring them to the march or mail them to the Pussyhat Project to be distributed. The project is also providing patterns for crocheters and people who sew to make similar hats.

The organizers told CBS that one man has already made 100 hats for march attendees, and other participants have included a 99-year-old woman and a 7-year-old child who’d never knitted before.

It takes a progressive screenwriter and architect, respectively, to exult in the fact that a seven-year-old child had been induced to knit a “pussy power hat.” Screengrabs from the P-hat Project site:

Putting vagina totems on their heads en masse will “help activists be better heard”? Golly. More:

So, wait a minute, penis-havers who present as women should also wear pussyhats for the sake of standing against those who would take away their pussies, which they don’t actually have, and which Pussyhat Progressives, by declaring biology only incidental to womanhood, have given away in the first place?

The real reason these dames will be wearing pussyhats to Washington is to cover the hole through which the Women’s Studies program sucked out their brains.



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