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Progressives Who Make Trump Voters

Secular liberal Massachusetts reader considering voting for Trump because he's sick of SJWs

A reader writes:

Posie Parker is a feminist who is gradually being unpersoned by the left. Her crime is that she doesn’t believe trans women are women. She was taken off Facebook, and a recent interview with her was taken down by YouTube for hate speech. This resulted in a strike against the channel that made it, See:



I managed to watch about half the video before it was sent down the memory hole, and it was ridiculously tame. But the LGBT movement will accept no dissent.

Also, although I am not a Christian, I often give money to the Salvation Army as their ratings for efficacy are really high. So I am also ticked off about attempts to unperson them as well. [Note: the reader forwarded to me the receipt for a $100 donation he made today to the Salvation Army — RD]

I have never voted for a Republican for president, and I can’t stand Trump. But the “Tolerant Left” is making me so angry with them that I am thinking of voting for him. Since I live in Massachusetts the Electoral College makes it irrelevant, but it would be a protest vote.

From the Spiked story he sent:

An interview with feminist Posie Parker has been taken down by YouTube because it constitutes ‘hate speech’, which could incite ‘hatred and/or violence against protected groups’.

In an interview on the Triggernometry podcast, Parker restated her apparently controversial view that men who transition to female are still men.

The video was online for 24 hours and was watched by around 35,000 people until YouTube took it down. The tech giant also gave the Triggernometry channel a warning. After three further warnings, a channel can be permanently deleted.

Can you believe that? Simply asserting a scientific fact — that biological males cannot be female — is enough to get YouTube (owned by Google) to take down your video, and issue a formal warning.

You might say that it’s stupid to vote for Trump just to stick it to the totalitarian left. At this point, I don’t. I was e-mailing back and forth today with a journalist friend (straight news, not opinion) who works for a major national media outlet. He told me that he doesn’t think his peers really understand how critical a hell of a lot of voters take politics at the moment — that “they are voting for the person who is less likely to wipe them out.”

It’s true. I don’t think he means “wipe them out” literally, in a Stalinist sense, but rather grind them down. I completely believe the Left will attempt to do that once they regain power in Washington, and if I vote for Trump in 2020 (instead of withholding my vote for president, as I did in 2016), it will be 100 percent because of this. Mind you, this kind of thing is happening under Trump. Think how much worse it would be — it will be — when a Democrat is in the White House. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Republican Party is not raising hell every damn day about these issues. We’re talking basic American liberties here — free speech, freedom of religion, the kind of thing the ACLU used to be about, until they got all woke:

Go on YouTube and say, “Actually, this isn’t true” — and you’ll get banned. It happened to Posie Parker and Triggernometry.

The liberal commenters are already writing their complaints. That will never happen. You’re overreacting.

I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you for one second. I can see what you do, what you say, what you believe in. I see the power you have. I see how much you hate people like us. For example:

I, a conservative, voted for that Democrat, John Bel Edwards, because he doesn’t think pro-lifers like me are bad people who need to be crushed.

A Texas reader writes tonight, about the Chick-fil-A capitulation to the Wokesters:

Really and truly, this is a big deal not because CFA is a paragon of Christian virtue (they’re great as far a big corporations go), but because it’s more like they basically asked for the spotlight to be on them by claiming to be Christian. Once you do that, you have a responsibility to wear that badge well. They pay their fast food employees well, help them get job training. teach them business skills, expect a lot from them morally, and they provide a good product. Once they came under the microscope for giving to groups promoting traditional marriage, they had a duty not to back down–BECAUSE they made such a show of claiming to be Christian. If it had been KFC, I wouldn’t care because KFC doesn’t go around trumpeting that they are Christian. You can’t announce to the world you are Christian and then try and appease bullies over an issue of orthodoxy.

I mean, we are talking about the frickin’ SALVATION ARMY here. Conceding that LGBT activists decide which Christian charities get money from other Christians is a monstrous betrayal.

This is exactly right. This is going to embolden progressives even more.

Say whatever nasty thing you like about Donald Trump, and it’s probably true. A lot of it may also be true about the Republican Party. But for all their sins and failings, they don’t hate churches and church people, and they don’t try to destroy businesses that donate to church causes, and and they don’t despise and silence women who say that penis-bearers aren’t actually women. That counts for a lot. Hell, the crazy Left is even making a secular Democrat in Massachusetts consider voting for Trump, just because he’s sick of these vicious progressive Puritans.



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